12V Lithium-Ion Battery

Thinpack is an expert manufacturer of 12V Lion batteries in China. All the components of a 12V Li-ion battery are designed, assembled, and packed in the same location for more consistency & quality assurance.

12V Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturer

The battery with lithium-ion (Li-ion, Lion, Li+) cell composition is a compact and powerful replacement for traditional lead-acid batteries. It is extremely lightweight, and 50% – 70% lighter than standard batteries. 12V Li-ion battery is usually rechargeable and generally used as a power source for portable equipment.

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Why Choose ThinPack 12v Lithium Ion Battery?

12v Lithium-ion batteries used lithium salt to produce more electricity storage. Aside from that, it delivers a very high current to various applications and offers the fastest and most efficient charging.

  • High-temperature resistance
  • Higher energy density per unit volume
  •  0℃-45℃ Charging temperature
  • -20℃~60℃ Discharging temperature
  • Capable of hundreds of cycles
  • No heavy metals
  • No hazardous acid
  • Non-combustible
  • Non-explosive
  • With more precise fitments
  • Required recharging: up to 1 year
  • High-consistency
  • Customized to your specifications

Leading 12V Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer

We manufacture durable and functional 12v lithium-ion batteries for your business. 12V lithium-ion batteries are available in cylindrical, pouch & prismatic forms. It can be designed with a durable PVC, metal, or plastic casing.

Our range of products provides environmentally friendly features. It has no cadmium, no lead, and no mercury. 12V lithium-ion batteries also passed REACH, PSE, UN38.3, CE certifications, etc. Thus, you can ensure it offers long cycle life, high performance, and reliability.

ThinPack will assist you in finding the best battery pack option. Our team will collaborate with you to complete the labeling, custom terminations, shrink-wrapping, or plastic enclosing of your batteries. We also offer OEM design, and fast production lead time at a cost-effective rate. Message us today!

Wide Range of Applications

12V lithium-ion batteries are widely used in the production of:

  • LED lamps or radios
  • Commercial Finance
  • Electronics
  • Car Battery Charger
  • Rail traffic,
  • RV, boat, and other automobile systems
  • Portable Solar Power Generator, etc.

Dimension Options (L x W x H)

  • 151 x 65 x 93.5mm
  • 151 x 98 x 95mm
  • 181 x 77 x 167mm
  • 195 x 130 x 155mm
  • 198 x 166 x 169mm
  • 260 x 168 x 211mm
  • 330 x 172 x 214mm
  • 306 x 168 x 220mm
  • 355 x 176 x 190mm
  • 483 x 170 x 241mm
  • 522 x 240 x 219mm

Rating Capacity (12V)

  • 12V(6Ah)
  • 12V(7.5Ah)
  • 12V(12Ah)
  • 12V(18Ah)
  • 12V(20Ah)
  • 12V(24Ah)
  • 12V(30Ah)
  • 12V(40Ah)
  • 12V(45Ah)
  • 12V(50Ah)
  • 12V(75Ah)
  • 12V(100Ah)
  • 12V(150Ah)
  • 12V(200Ah)
  • 12V(300Ah)

Terminal Types (12V)

  • F2: for 6Ah, 7.5Ah, 12Ah, 18Ah
  • F13 (M5, Ф12): for 20 & 24Ah
  • IF11 (M6, Ф14): for 30Ah, 40Ah, 45Ah, 50Ah
  • F12 (M8, Ф17.5): for 75Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah
  • F10 (M8, Ф20): for 200Ah, 300Ah


What is the commonly used size of a car battery case?

The car usually used a 12V Li-ion battery with 100Ah rated capacity and 355 x 176 x 190mm dimension.

What customization do we support for Lion batteries?

Thinpack can offer custom-made dimensions, terminal types/sizes, and logo details.

Safety Regulations

We provide all relevant certificates, including some of the following:

  •   UL 2054
  •   MSDS
  •   UN 38.3
  •   IEC 62133
  •   Report on Air Transportation

 What is the lifespan of a 12V lithium-ion battery?

A 12V lithium battery may be charged 300–500 times. This equates to two to three years of regular use.

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