24V E-Bike Battery

Thinpack 24-volt e-bike batteries are known for their durability. It is because batteries are made from lithium-ion which keeps their shelf life longer. In addition, each unit is backed by a powerful 3-5 year warranty.

  • 24V E-Bike Battery

24V E-Bike Battery

E-bike Li-ion batteries 24-volt is equipped with a BMS protective plate. It protects batteries from excessive discharge and overcharging. Moreover, a charger with a US AC plug and DC plug is also included.

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17.5AH Ebike Battery
17.5AH E-Bike Battery
13AH Ebike Battery
13AH E-Bike Battery
10.4AH Ebike Battery
10.4AH E-Bike Battery
15AH Ebike Battery
15AH E-Bike Battery
10AH Ebike Battery
10AH E-Bike Battery
7.5AH Ebike Battery
7.5AH E-Bike Battery
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Thinpack 24V E-bike Li-ion Battery Selling Point

Waterproof Structure

Outer layer characteristics include anti-corrosion, insulation, and wear resistance.

Inner layer advantages include a waterproof seal, excellent adhesion, and a low melting point

Quality Li-Ion Battery

It maintains a charge and has longer shelf life than other batteries. Guarantee long life expectancy, stable performance, power protection, short-circuit protection, and more.

24V E Bicycle Li-Ion Battery Features

Built-in charge protection circuit

Equipped with dual IC chips

End connectors are provided for easy connections

Grade cells to ensure batteries have a high and full capacity

Injection technology composition to increase battery stability.

No memory; environment friendly; zero maintenance

24V E-bike Battery Pack Rated Capacity

Thinpack supplies battery pack 24-v units in a range of capacities. Below are some of the nominal capacities we offer.

  • 9Ah
  • 10Ah
  • 10.4Ah
  • 12Ah
  • 15Ah
  • 20Ah
  • 25Ah
  • 30Ah
  • 40Ah
  • 50Ah

Why 1000+ Client Trust Thinpack 24V Ebike Lithium-Ion Battery

  1. Fast charging; high energy density
  2. Small size, lightweight, and pollution-free
  3. It has a large overcharge tolerance
  4. Can extend its cycle life up to 800 to more than 1000 cycles

General Specifications

Nominal Voltage 24V
Maximum Charge Voltage 29.4V
BMS Continue Discharge Current 20A
Cycle Life 800-1000+
Charge Current 2A
Continuous Current  9.0A or can be adjust
Over-current Protection  8.5A, 50A, or customize
Operating Conditions Charging: 0-45 degree Celsius

Discharging: -20-55 degree Celsius

Certifications ISO9001, CE, UL, RoHS, FCC

24V Electric Bike Lithium Ion Battery Don’t s:

Switched the negative terminals and position

Attach the battery electrodes to a power outlet

Throw nor leave the battery near/into a fire or a heater

Overcharge, undercharge, or overload the battery pack

Pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp objects

Keep the battery in a cool, dry environment.


How to Maintain Bike Batteries?

Never entirely submerge the battery in water when cleaning the battery or e-bike.

Never use a steam pressure washer.

Recommend using a moist cloth to remove it.

Is 24V Bike Batteries Better than 48V?

It depends on the power requirements.

If you need 1,000–5,000 watts of power, you choose a 24v bike battery pack.

While, if your energy requirements exceed 3,000 watts, you choose a 48-volt system.

Many large off-grid homes use 48V.

What Benefits Do 24V Have Over 12V?

  1. Wiring Cost – practically cut in half when 24v is used over 12v
  2. Reduce Amperage by Two Times – It lessens the amount of space required for wiring.

What is the Lifespan of a 24-Volt Battery?

Up to 1 hour and 10 minutes of runtime.

The regular charger that comes with the device requires a 5 to 10-hour recharge.

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