24V LiFePo4 Battery

Thinpack 24V LiFePo4 batteries are ideal for drop-in alternative to lead-acid batteries. These batteries are intended for usage that requires 24V ratings.

All our LiFePo4 batteries with 24V have passed all the safety requirements. These are also tested at 7000 deep discharge cycles to 80%. Thus, you can assure a safety operation.

24V LiFePo4 Battery

We guarantee that our batteries are environmentally-friendly. It does not pollute the environment whether during the production or upon using.

As a professional supplier, Thinpack offers a wide range of size selection. You can also choose different designs, shapes, and configuration. Custom 24V-rated LiFePo4 batteries are available to meet your exact specifications.

By Capacity

Standard Specification

Cell Cycle Times Up to 3000
Nominal Voltage 24V
Nominal Capacity 13Ah, 18Ah, 20.3Ah, 200Ah, and more
Charge Current Recommended: 20A
Energy 5120Wh
Depth of Discharge Up to 95%
Continuous Input and Output Current 80A
Standard Capacity 150Ah

Certified by Industry Standards

When manufacturing 24V LiFePo4 batteries, we always adhere to different standards including:

  • Ce
  • RoHS
  • 3
  • MSDS
  • FCC
  • ISO
  • UL

Designed for a Wide Range of Specifications

  • Remote monitoring
  • Marine
  • Solar storage
  • Power tools
  • Electric bicycles
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Submarines
  • Home appliances, and more

Built-in Battery Management Systems for Protection

With its advanced battery management system integration, rest assured that the batteries are protected against:

  • Over-charge
  • Over-discharge
  • Over-temperature, and more

Key Features

  • Up to 99% efficiency
  • Wide range of racking options
  • Lead-free
  • High energy density
  • More compact design
  • Powerful performance

Why Choose Thinpack 24V LiFePo4 Batteries

Wide operating temperature. With its maximum operating temperature and high heat tolerance, these batteries will not decompose when exposed to high temperature.

Lightweight. We manufacture lightweight 24V LiFePo4 batteries while providing more WH per kilogram.

Trusted 24V LiFePo4 Battery Manufacturer in China

For over a decade, Thinpack is committed to providing these batteries with reliable performance. Rest assured that each battery is strictly controlled during the production. Our advanced manufacturing technologies allow us to manufacture extensive battery selection for your projects or business.

Besides 24V LiFePo4 battery, we also manufacture stacker battery, bike battery, commercial battery storage systems, wall mounted battery, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Hours Does the 24V LiFePo4 Battery Need to Charge?

Actually, the batteries don’t need hours to be fully charged. It will be fully charged within 40 minutes.

How Long Does It Last?

If well maintained, these batteries can last up to 10 to 20 years

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Thinpack provides one-stop automated guided vehicle battery charging solution based on your specific needs.
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