38120 Battery

The 38120 battery is a high-power grade of LiFePO4 battery. It has over 2000 times cycle life and 15C maximum conduct range. You can find them useful in applications that required high conduct rate, like EVs.

All Thinpack 38120 batteries have been voltage examined and tested. This is to ensure its perfect operating condition. We also guaranteed no dead batteries because we thoroughly check its quality before leaving our factory.

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By Capacity

10AH 38120 BATTERY
10AH 38120 BATTERY
12AH 38120 BATTERY
12AH 38120 BATTERY
1000MAH 38120 BATTERY
1000MAH 38120 BATTERY
8000MAH 38120 BATTERY
8000MAH 38120 BATTERY
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Nominal capacity 10Ah@0.5°C
Minimum capacity 9.5Ah @0.5°C
Nominal voltage 3.2V
Max Charging voltage 3.65±0.05 v
Discharge ending voltage 2.5±0.05 V
Charge current Standard charge: 0.5°C
Max charge: 2°C when T≥10°C
Max charge: 1°C when 10°C>T>0°C
Max charge: 0.1°C when 0°C≥T≥-10°C
Discharge current Standard discharge: 1°C
Max discharge: 3°C
Max instant discharge: 6°C
Recommended charge and discharge
cell surface temperature
Maximum allowable charge and
discharge cell surface
temperature.Charging and
discharging at these conditions will
shorten cell cycle life.
Charge: 60°C
Discharge: 75C
Humidity range 0~90%RH(none condensing)
Internal resistance ≤4mOhm (AC Impedance,1000HZ)
Cell dimension Height: 125 mm Max
Diameter: 38.5mm Max
Weight 320±5g
technical details for 38120 battery
technical details for 38120 battery

38120 Battery design 1

38120 Battery design 2

Benefits of 38120 Battery

At Thinpack, we provide numerous advantages for your 38120 battery orders. It includes:

  • Stable structure: This battery has good safety aspects and stable structure. Even there are excessive conditions happened it won’t generate an explosion accident. They can totally resist overheating, pressure, collision, etc.
  • Maximum rate discharge: No worries about overcharging because these batteries can be continuously charge at 10c current.
  • Environmental safety: 38120 batteries do not consist of lead, mercury, and other disastrous factors.
  • Good mechanical properties: It offers high bending strength.
  • Broad operating temperature: 0-60C is its charging and discharging temperature range.
  • Store charge effectively: The 38120 batteries have excellent ability in storing charges for long period.

Range of Applications

We can customize 38120 batteries to perfectly fit different applications such as:

  • Wind/solar power system
  • UPS system
  • Trolley scooters
  • Golf cart
  • Electrical bikes/e-bikes
  • Measuring equipment
  • Camera batteries
  • Battery backups
  • Laptop battery packs
  • Commercial current storage
  • Industrial energy storage
  • Household electricity storage
  • Other kinds of starting power reservoir
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