48V Ebike Battery

The 48v e-bike battery is a high-powered battery designed for mobility devices. It provides a great e-bike riding experience. Because the batteries have double the lifespan of conventional batteries. Thinpack 48-volt e-bike batteries have over 1000 charge cycles.

48V Ebike Battery

You can get a new and fresh stock 48v e-bike battery pack at Thinpack. The batteries arrived fully charged. Plus, it comes with a 1-year replacement and an extended warranty of up to 3 years.

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48V Ebike Battery Key Properties & Benefits

Li-Ion Battery Specification

It is suitable for 250W to 1000W motors. Release Port: Buttons (Female& Male). 30A maximum constant discharge current.

Long-Lasting and Reliable Batteries

It requires approx. 5-7 hours to fully recharge the batteries, and a range of 40 miles. No self-discharge and no memory effects.

Advanced Battery Charger

It can charge 2.5 times faster than a regular charger. Set the charging voltage to 48 volts and the power input to 5A per hour.

Why Choose Thinpack 48-Volt Electric Bike Battery Pack

Waterproof Construction: The outer layer is constructed from PVC material. It offers properties such as insulation, corrosion, and wear resistance.

Certified A-grade 18650 Battery Cells: Each cell has passed the function tests and other national safety certifications from MSDS, RoHS, UL, and CE.

Fast Lead Time: You can receive your electric bike battery within 5-7 business days.

48-Volt Ebike Battery Smart BMS System

Thinpack 48v e-bike battery pack is equipped with an intelligent BMS protective chip. Original cell. It prevents protective delays and failures. Battery packs provide balance performs. You can ensure your safety.

Its top protection includes:

  • Over Current
  • Overcharge
  • Over-discharge
  • Over voltage
  • Short Circuit
  • Temperature
  • Reverse Charging

Safety Measures of 48V Ebike Battery

  • When not in use, we recommend you to maintain a steady temperature for your battery.
  • Never store the battery of your electric bicycle in a warm vehicle, garage, or shed.
  • Charge your 48v e-bike battery in dry, cool environment.
  • Don’t let the battery completely drain to zero.
  • Recommended to always have the electric bike battery at least 30–40% charged.
  • Recommended storage temperature: 1 month – -20° – 60°C; 3 months – -20° – 45°C;

1 year- -20° – 23°C.

Physical Details of 48-Volt Electric Battery Pack:

Nominal Capacity 20Ah, 23.2Ah, etc
Terminal Type Threaded Insert
Length 181 mm, or customize
Width 77 mm, or customize
Height 167 mm, or customize
Net Weight 15 lbs
Condition Brand new, Fresh Stock
Life Expectancy 3-5 years
Inclusions Battery Charger, Lock Keys, Fix Plate


How Long Does a 48-volt Electric Bike Battery Last?

The battery typically lasts 2-4 years.

How Far Can a 48V Electric Bicycle Travel?

Typically, only 15 to 35 miles per charge.

Is 48V Battery More Durable Than 36V?

In terms of power output, the 36V can runs an average of 16 miles or 25km.

While in 48v battery, it increases to 25 miles or 40km.

Therefore, a lot of individuals are switching from 36V to 48V batteries.

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