7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands

There are different types of batteries around you. Lead acid, NiCad, NiMH, and lithium batteries are the popular types of batteries used in different sectors. Among these, lithium batteries are becoming more popular these days. This rise in the popularity of lithium batteries is mainly attributed to the features offered by these batteries. With the rise in demand, the price of lithium batteries has also come down. There are many lithium battery brands out there. But if you are looking to buy lithium batteries, you need to ensure to buy them from a good brand. So, in this guide, I will share the 10 popular and best lithium battery brands. It will help you pick the right brand.

Let us get started.

1. Panasonic

7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-1
7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-1

When it comes to lithium batteries, one of the biggest brands is Panasonic. They are one of the main producers of lithium batteries in the world. Panasonic was founded in 1918. They are based in Osaka, Japan. Panasonic is known for its high-quality lithium batteries. These batteries are being used in different varieties of products. It includes medical equipment, and electric cars. Panasonic offers lithium batteries in different form factors also. You can get lithium batteries in varieties of shapes and sizes from Panasonic. It includes cylindrical, circular, prismatic, and many other shapes. If you want a custom size, Panasonic will be able to provide that too. You can also get the batteries in various capacities too.

Their lithium batteries are also known for their reliability, long lifespan, and safety features. The inbuilt protection circuitry in Panasonic batteries ensures that there is protection against short circuits, overcharging, and over-discharging. There is no compromise in the safety aspects of lithium batteries from Panasonic. But there is one disadvantage to using Panasonic lithium batteries. It is the cost of the lithium battery. The lithium batteries from Panasonic tends to be slightly more expensive than the lithium battery from other brands. This extra cost is due to the added safety and reliability features of the battery.

2. Samsung

7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-2
7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-2

Another popular manufacturer of lithium batteries is Samsung. The brand Samsung is a popular brand when it comes to the smartphone industry. You can get lithium batteries of different voltages and capacities from Samsung. Their batteries are being used in laptops, electric vehicles, smartphones, etc.

One main attractive feature of Samsung batteries is their price. They offer lithium batteries at a highly competitive price. It is one main reason why many prefer to go with Samsung lithium batteries. They are also known for their high performance. They do provide protection circuitry along with the lithium battery. This circuitry protects the lithium battery from getting overcharged, over discharged, and short circuit. One drawback of Samsung batteries is that they have a previous history of batteries catching fire and exploding. It can be due to defects in the manufacturing stage. Samsung has ensured strict measures to avoid such mishaps for their current lithium battery packs.

3. LG

Another popular lithium battery brand is LG. The brand LG is a South Korean brand based in Seoul. They were founded in 1947. The lithium battery manufactured by LG is being used in various products. It includes light electric vehicles, smartphones, laptops, etc. LG lithium batteries are very popular for their fast charging feature. It allows you to charge lithium batteries in the shortest amount of time. It allows the user to use the product for more time.

LG also manufactures super slim lithium batteries. Many products that demand slim batteries due to space constraints make use of these batteries. They are available in higher capacities. All the lithium battery products from LG are used in both residential and commercial applications. One drawback of using LG lithium batteries is their cost. They are slightly costly when compared to other lithium batteries in the market. It might be due to the strict safety measure employed in the battery for its protection.

4. Thinpack Power

7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-3
7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-3

Thinpack Power is another brand specializing in lithium batteries. They have got more than 10 plus years of experience in designing battery systems for various applications. They provide lithium batteries for different applications. It includes lithium batteries for drones, bikes, boats, RC hobby projects, inverters, etc. You can also get different grades of lithium batteries from Thinpack Power. It includes 14500, 18500, 18650, 21700, 26650, and 38120 grade batteries. So, you will get all types of lithium batteries from Thinpack Power.

There are many applications that require custom battery packs. Thinpack Power does provide multiple customization options over lithium batteries. Thus, all your lithium battery requirements can be easily met by Thinpack Power. The strict quality measures adopted in the lithium manufacturing process ensure high quality lithium batteries from Thinpack Power. Different certifications on the lithium battery packs like UL, RoHS, CE, UN38.3, and all other standards are maintained to ensure top quality.

5. Sony

7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-4
7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-4

Lithium batteries from Sony are also quite popular in the market. They are known for their reliable performance. You can get Sony lithium batteries in different shapes and sizes. It includes cylindrical, prismatic, thin packages, and many more. All these batteries are available in various capacities too. They are used in different applications like smartphone, gaming devices, digital camera, RC hobby, tablets, laptops, etc.

The lithium batteries from Sony are known for their long lifespan, high energy density, and safety aspects. The self-discharge rate is pretty low for lithium batteries from Sony. Thus, these batteries are capable of holding the charge for a long period of time. But they are expensive due to these additional features.

6. Tesla

7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-5
7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-5

Tesla is a brand that is popular for electric vehicles. They also manufacture lithium batteries. Hence, they are a popular lithium battery brand too. These batteries are not only used in their electric cars but also in the energy storage systems used in homes. They are designed in such a way that they work seamlessly with their products.

Tesla also manufactures lithium batteries in modular form. It allows the user to upgrade the battery storage levels as and when required. The Tesla lithium batteries are known for their safety and reliability. One disadvantage of Tesla batteries is their cost. They are pretty expensive since they are specifically designed for their applications. So, you cannot get a custom lithium battery from Tesla for your devices.

7. Duracell

7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-6
7 Popular Lithium Battery Brands-6

Duracell is a popular battery brand. They also manufacture lithium batteries. They have got a wide variety of lithium batteries. Their lithium batteries are specifically targeted for high-drain applications. It includes applications like portable gaming consoles and digital cameras.

These lithium batteries are known for their longevity, high energy density, and higher shelf life. One main attractive feature of Duracell lithium batteries is their price. These batteries come at an affordable price. Also, the different sizes and capacities of the battery ensure that you can easily get one for your application. One disadvantage of Duracell lithium batteries is that they are not designed for applications that demand high power. So, you cannot use these batteries in electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. Durability is less for the Duracell lithium batteries when compared to other brands.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have a clear picture of the top 6 lithium battery brands. When it comes to lithium batteries, never compromise the quality. If you are looking for a lithium battery solution for your device, you can always source it from any of these brands. It will help to ensure high quality lithium battery for your application.


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