72V Ebike Battery

72V ebike batteries are the most advanced e-bike batteries due to their ultimate performance and added voltage. Compared to 48V or 52V ebike batteries, 72V ebike batteries can give ebikes the highest speed. They enable e-bikes to reach 30MPH of speed or even more. These batteries also have cell balancing mechanisms and protective circuits for safe and smooth experience.

72V Ebike Battery Manufacturer

Thinpack can also customize these batteries to any shapes and sizes you require. We offer triangular and rectangular 72V ebike batteries. A variety of network models including CANBUS, Profibus, UART, or custom network models are also supported at Thinpack.

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72V Ebike Batteries Features

Thinpack manufactures 72V ebike batteries that feature:

  • stable BMS performance
  • short circuit protection
  • over-discharge protection
  • optimum efficiency and speed
  • highly durable
  • resistant to harsh temperatures
  • lightweight

Strict Quality Control

We carry out strict quality control to ensure the quality of our 72V e-bike batteries. Our QC staff is inspecting at every manufacturing process of the batteries. Before producing, our materials have been thoroughly inspected.

Lifespan of 72V Ebike Batteries

72V ebike batteries have different lifespans depending on their voltage, maintenance, and utilization. Since 72V ebike batteries have higher voltage, they have longer lifespan and more efficient than those ebike batteries with lower voltages.

When they are properly maintained and not overused, their maximum efficiency is up to 3 years or even more.

72V Ebike Batteries Applications

Since 72V ebike batteries have high voltage and power, they are used for many applications, including:

  • Motorcycles
  • Mountain bikes
  • Race bikes
  • Drills
  • Go-kart
  • Electronic wheelchairs
  • Electronic bikes
  • Other mountain sport vehicles and small vehicles

Cellular Composition of 72V Ebike Batteries

72V ebike batteries are composed of Lithium-Ion and its extensions likeĀ  Lithium Polymer and Lithium Manganese. They are built with the specialized Li-ion cell which is known as 18650 cells. We only use cells from reputable companies like Panasonic, LG, and Samsung to ensure battery quality. 72V ebike batteries also have 4 main internal components such as:

  • electrolyte
  • anode
  • cathode
  • separator
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