Battery Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are rechargeable battery devices that contained renewable energy from solar and wind. That energy provides backup power, balances the electric grid, and improves grid stability for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Model Type  LBHV9 LBHV16
Nominal Voltage 403.2V 716.8V
Nominal Capacity(@25″C,±5%%) 240Ah 240Ah
Nominal Energy 96.768kwh 172kwh
Absolute Maximum Voltage 453.6V 806.4V
Cut-off Voltage(discharging) 327.6V 582.4Vc
Configuration 126S8P 224S8P
Parallel Rack Numbers 9 racks 16 racks
Continuous Charge 100A(Customized)
Continuous Discharge 10OA
Operating Temp(charging) 200A°C
Recommended Depth of Discharge 0.9
Maximum Depth of Discharge 100%
Cooling Natural cooling
Ingress Protection Indoor
Storage Humidity 25%~95%RH
operating Temp(charging) 0~55°℃
Operating Temp(discharging) -20~65°℃
Storage Temperature -20~40°℃
Storage Humidity 25%~95%RH
cycle Life >400o Cycle in 1cc/1CD@100%DOD,75%EOL
LCD/Dash Board Yes
CAN Bus Optional
RS485 Yes
GPRS/GPS/Cloud Optional
Bluetooth/WIFI Optional
Dimension 1540*700*1400mm  1540*700*2200mm
Weight 1000Kg 1700K

At ThinPack, we design modern and comprehensive battery energy storage systems. This storage is composed of PCS skids, an inverter, onboard sensors, battery modules, and battery management system software. All components are durable, ensuring optimal effectiveness and safety for each customer.

If you have custom battery energy storage systems requirements, you can contact us!

ThinPack Battery Energy Storage Systems Advantages

Compared to conventional grid storage options, battery storage systems provide a number of advantages, such as:

  • Scalable architecture – It means a larger system can be created by connecting several energy storage devices together thanks to battery energy system scalable architecture.
  • Lower costs – BESS allow energy arbitrage and directly lower your electricity bill.
  • Weatherproof construction – BESS does not require the additional expense of protective structures when mounted outdoors.
  • Higher efficiency – the storage system provides a smooth and consistent electricity flow. Energy saving and higher efficient than traditional grid storage.
  • Improves the utilization of renewable energy – battery system store power and release it when needed.
  • Minimize carbon footprint – Installing a battery energy system may lessen the environmental impact of your home or business. Anyone who wishes to lessen pollution and greenhouse gas emissions should employ these systems.

Battery Energy Storage Systems Industry Standards  

At ThinPack you can guarantee battery energy storage system certified to:

  • UL 1741
  • UL 1973
  • UL 9540A
  • UL 1642
  • IEEE 1547
  • IEC 61427
  • IEC 62133
  • IEC 62619
  • IEEE P2030.3
  • NFPA 855 Standard, etc.

Extensive Application  

  • Support grid ancillary services
  • Reactive static compensation
  • Valley filling and peak shaving
  • Replace EPS, UPS, and generators.
  • Achieve seamless on/off grid switching
  • Recognize how batteries are used at various levels.

Whether you need storage system for the offshore and marine industries, ThinPack has the right and cost-effective solutions. Moreover, to fulfill your particular business demand for commercial installation, we manufacture a custom battery storage solution. ThinPack team will help you designing and engineering your own storage systems. You can rely on us, as your dependable battery energy storage manufacturer in China.


How long will it last?

Energy battery storage systems will last between five to 15 years.

Is battery storage systems and distributed generation system integration possible?

Our battery energy storage systems can be designed with an optimization software. This software is used for various distributed energy resources. It is simple to include into already-built systems, including solar photovoltaic systems.

What Specific Test You Provide?

  • Cell, module and system level safety testing
  • Cell and module characterization tests
  • Module and System Operation tests
  • Full scale system testing
  • Module level destructive testing
  • Battery aging and degradation tests, etc.
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