BMS is an electronic system hardware that can monitor, access, or manage the rechargeable battery. Here is the following components of BMS:

  • Control Module
  • Acquisition Module
  • Display Module
  • Communication Module (Wireless)
BMS Importance in EV

As BMS manage the rechargeable batteries electronics, both cell and battery pack, it plays a big role to ensure the safety of EV. By ensuring the cells safe to operates, it provides safe assurance the battery and operator/user.

For some cases, if the BMS fail to function as monitoring system, it may result to battery damage and cause danger for the user. Therefore, ensuring the BMS functionality and precision must be crucial to avoid risk of danger.

Applicability of BMS

  • UAV Battery
    UAV Battery
  • LiFePO4 Battery
    LiFePO4 Battery
  • LiPo Battery
    LiPo Battery
  • Modular Battery
    Modular Battery

Featured Work

As a battery manager, BMS can work with the following functions:

  • Maintain or precisely manage battery cells
  • Ensure the battery no discharging or overcharging
  • Improve the battery application
  • Extending battery life
  • Status monitoring
Featured Work

The BMS Customization

Charging Management
Charging Management

-Self Balancing

-Protection from over-voltage charging

-Protection from over-current charging

-Alarm system for over-temp charging

-Alarm system for low-temp charging

-Alarm system for short-circuit charging

Discharging Management
Discharging Management

-Protection from over-current discharge

-No-load protection

-Protection from under-voltage discharge

-Alarm system for short-circuit discharge

-Alarm system for over-temp discharge

-Alarm system for low-temp discharge


-SOC indicator

-Abnormal log

-Time record function


-Current detection

-Communication protection

-CAN, MBus

Other Functions
Other Functions

-Automatic discharge when charge storage is full

-Self-heating for low-temp

-Protection from reverse connection

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