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Thinpack is capable to source you a wide assortment of boat batteries. We can provide the exact battery type for different boat units. Whether that is a ski boat, pontoon, or a jet boat. There are different battery capacities and sizes available.

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The boat battery is intended to stock electrical energy for boats. It will then help operate the pumps, motors, and lights. These batteries are also better replacement to any charging device, like solar panels. Plus they provide constant electrical energy for longer period.

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boat battery

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Various Kinds of Boat Batteries

We offer you different types of boat batteries. It includes:

  • Deep cycle battery: It power up the boat’s electronic attachments and its self-contained motor.
  • Cranking battery: Referred to as “starting battery”. This is ideal to start the major engines.
  • Dual battery: If your boat has double engines, then dual battery is the right type for you.

Available Battery Chemistries

Each boat battery discussed above is available with different battery chemistries. These include:

  • Gel
  • Flooded lead acid
  • Absorbed glass matt (AGM)
  • Lithium iron phosphate

What Specifications You Should Consider for Your Boat Battery

Pay attention to these two: reserve capacity (RC) and cranking amps (CA).

The reserve capacity is usually calculated in amp hours (Ah). It defines the energy amount that a battery is able to deliver within longer period. Means, the larger the amount, the more energy they can provide.

Another one specification is the cranking amps. It indicates the energy amount that a battery can supply to power an engine.

Choosing Thinpack as your partner, we can recommend precise reserve capacity and cramping amps that your boat batteries should have.


How much cranking amps is most suitable for boats?

Successful starting of boat engines requires large electrical energy. We can recommend 75 up to 400 amps to start engines within 5 seconds.

How long does boat battery last?

The standard life of Thinpack batteries is about 3-4 years. But with proper treatment, they could last up to 6 years.

Does a regular car battery work same as boat batteries?

Both car batteries and boat batteries used lead-acid batteries. But that doesn’t mean you can use car batteries for boats.

The boat batteries are intended to provide smaller electric amounts but in a much longer period. Plus they are not made interchangeable.

However, regular car batteries are made to provide larger electric amounts but this time only in a short period.

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