• Vanadium redox flow battery container energy storage system (20kW)

CEC-VFB-20kW vanadium battery


  • High safety, long service life, high system efficiency, cycle times≥15000 times, η≥73%, DOD=92%◇Wide operating temperature range, wide range of applications, and can work around the clock; except extreme weather, geologic
  • disasters, and man-made reasons◇Standardized design, mass production, stable and reliable system performance
  • Modular assembly, simple maintenance, easy to use, easy to combine
  • Electrical main circuit, control circuit, system communication interface integration, high system reliability



CEC-VFB-20kW vanadium battery

The CEC-VFB-20kW/xxxkWh energy storage system uses all-vanadium redox flow battery as the energy storage element.
It can be combined and expanded into a MW-level all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system, which has movable and expandable capacity,

Long life, high safety and other characteristics, especially suitable for large industrial users, large power with high power quality
user, independent power supply user

Specification The output voltage
Output current(A) temperature
Standard weight
160~240V 105A -30~60°℃ 6.156m*2.438m*2.591 m 11.5
160~240V 105A -30~60℃ 6.156m*2.438m*2.591 m 13.3
160~240V 105A -30~60°℃ 6.156m*2.438m*2.591 m 14.8

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