Commercial Storage Battery Systems

The commercial storage battery system consists of rechargeable systems of batteries. It can store energy from an electric grids or solar arrays. Then, the stored energy is transported to homes or businesses.

  • Commercial Storage Battery Systems

These systems are made using advanced technologies. Therefore, it can perform tasks such as load shifting or peak shaving that regular batteries cannot do.

Our precision-engineered commercial battery systems are perfect for storing energy. It can provide a superior source of power for your business.

At Thinpack, we offer these battery storage systems with a wide variety to meet your business needs.

By Capacity

50kw Commercial Battery Storage System
50kw Commercial Battery Storage System
100kw Commercial Battery storage System
100kw Commercial Battery Storage System
150 kw Commercial Battery storage System
150 kw Commercial Battery Storage System
200kw Commercial Battery storage System
200kw Commercial Battery Storage System
250kw Commercial Battery storage System
250kw Commercial Battery Storage System
350kw Commercial Battery storage System
350kw Commercial Battery Storage System
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Advantages of Commercial Battery Storage System for Your Business

When it comes to electricity supply, businesses have faced a lot of challenges due to its volatile cost. Aside from high prices, electricity will sometime fail especially on peak business season.

That is why Thinpack offers battery storage system solution for your business. It will not just help reduce your cost, but also helps in minimizing your energy bills.

Since these systems can store renewable energy, it can enhance your energy security while increasing your revenue streams.

Solar Panel Battery Storage System for Back Up Power

Thinpack offers storage system solution that can be used for commercial solar panels. These systems can be used for stand-alone installation.

It can store cheaper energy storage from an independent renewable source from the grid. Thus, reducing peak-time energy and demand charges cost.

Battery energy systems used for solar are capable of providing your business with back up power. The stored energy from solar systems is released during power outage.

Therefore, your business can continue its operation even when power supply disruption is experienced.

Commercial Energy Storage to Replace Conventional Energy Provider

With its flexibility, Thinpack commercial battery storage systems are the best alternative to:

  • Traditional power generation
  • Transmission and distribution

Battery Storage System for Commercial Applications

  • Peak shaving
  • Load shifting
  • Emergency backup
  • Microgrids
  • Renewable integration
  • Grid services
  • Optimizing asset operation
  • Controlling energy flow
  • Stabilizing electrical grid
  • Firming renewable production
  • Creating new revenue

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Using Thinpack commercial battery storage system can significantly reduce any carbon emissions.

Since these systems do not produce any harmful or toxic emissions, your industry can contribute to the global carbon reduction target.

You can also help in increasing the global renewable energy volume. Hence, Thinpack can help you become a sustainable leader in your industry.

Designed with Optimal Features

  • Wide range of battery voltage
  • Integrated with EMS
  • Can be used with multiple batter inputs
  • Integrated with MPPT function
  • Features seamless on/off grid switching
  • Easy to set peak
  • Supports DC and AC auxiliary power supply
  • Suitable for different temperature
  • Offers technical safety
  • Integrated with BMS
  • User-friendly
  • Fast charging cycles

Why Choose Thinpack Commercial Battery Storage Systems

Smart Control System. With its smart design, these systems can analyze energy market data, solar, and more to optimize system charge and discharge.

Reliability. The energy storage are manufactured with durability and versatility. Therefore, you can assure that it can provide reliable and safe operation for your facility needs.

Provides excellent services. Thinpack is capable of designing and installing commercial battery storage systems for your business.

Trusted Battery Storage System Manufacturer in China

Thinpack has over a decade of manufacturing battery storage for commercial settings. Each energy storage is customizable according to your request. We can provide a wide range of capacities, voltage ratings, and more. Custom logo and packaging details are also available. Aside from commercial battery storage systems, we also manufacture home battery storage systems, portable battery packs, energy storage containers, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the available sizes of your commercial battery storage system?

These systems are stackable and modular. We offer small to medium size battery storage that can be wall or ground mounted. Thinpack can also provide up to 2MW battery storage systems for larger-scale solutions.

  1. How much does the energy storage cost?

The cost of the battery storage system depends on many factors like tax incentives, utility rates, project location, etc. However, Thinpack exerts effort on making these storage systems with high-quality at a competitive price.

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