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Drone batteries are designed with a wide range of energy storage chemistries. It includes lithium polymer, hydrogen fuel cells, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, and more.

Thinpack is a professional drone battery supplier that offers a broad selection of voltages, capacities, and sizes.

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Drone Battery

These batteries come with high energy density. Due to that, it is mostly used for drones with fixed wings and small endurance.

Standard and customized battery structure, protection systems, and chemistry are also available.

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Trusted Drone Battery Manufacturer in China

For over a decade of experience, Thinpack is committed to providing the best battery for your drone project or business. We manufacture these batteries using our state-of-the-art production technology to ensure high performance.

Each battery for drone comes with safety certifications from CE, SGS, ISO, RoHS, and more.

You can also choose drone batteries with hard plastic shell or soft plastic casing. The casing of the battery serves as a protection when the drone crashes.

As a professional manufacturer, we ensure that each battery and its connector are compatible with your drone.

Aside from drone battery, we also manufacture LiFePo4 batteries, motive batteries, high voltage batteries, car batteries, and more.

Why Choose Thinpack Drone Battery

Comes with custom pouch cell. We designed these batteries with high capacity and high C-rate pouch cell.

Built-in with BMS. The BMS of our drone batteries offer maximum protection while providing extended lifespan and excellent working efficiency. Its intelligent management and data statistic feature makes it an ideal battery for drones.

Pack structure designs. Our drone batteries are equipped with pack structure designs with shock proof, waterproof, and dustproof properties.

Designed with Beneficial Features

  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive to produce
  • Provides maximum performance
  • Compact design
  • Maintains its constant power output
  • No memory effects
  • Can hold huge energy amount

Standard Specifications

Cell Capacity 1800mAh
Voltage 14.8V or more
Discharge Rate 75C or <2%/month
Power 168 to 1008 WH
Safety Rating IP65
Energy Density 275wh/kg
Operating Temperature -40 to 80⁰C
Cycle 600

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Common Battery Type Used for Drones?

The lithium polymer or LiPo batteries are commonly used for drones because of its high discharge rates, and compact structure. It has no memory effects compared to lead-acid and nickel-chromium batteries.

How Long Does Your Drone Battery Last?

When maintained properly, drone batteries can last up to several years. Well maintained batteries help in increasing its life span.

How Long Does a Drone Battery Take to be Fully Charged?

Usually, our drone batteries will be fully charged after an hour and half if charged directly in a power source.

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One Stop Battery Pack Solution

Thinpack provides one-stop automated guided vehicle battery charging solution based on your specific needs.
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