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Electric scooter batteries are a power supply system that brings voltage to scooter accessories. It includes controllers, DC motors, and lights. The batteries of e-scooters come with electronics and cells, keeping their operation safe while having increased energy density. 

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Thinpack is a professional e-scooter battery manufacturer in China. Our production processes are supported by state-of-the-art technology and a skilled design team. We provide a comprehensive range of scooter batteries at reasonable costs.

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Electric Scooter Battery



Various Types of E-Scooter Batteries


The lead-acid type of battery is an economical power source for electric scooters and other vehicles. But these batteries have poor power density. They have 10x lesser energy density than Li-ion ones.

  • Available in various sizes
  • Overcharging resistant
  • Immense current capacity

Lithium-ion batteries come with great energy density. They have long lifespan batteries compared to other power sources. These battery types can keep their storage capacity even with multiple times of recharging and discharging. 

  • Slow discharge amount
  • Lightweight
  • Less maintenance
  • Stable efficiency
  • Fast rechargeable
  • Highly durable
Lithium Manganese

Lithium manganese provides increased capability and outputs current. The manganese composition helps decrease the battery’s internal strength. And that allows the high current state to keep the low operating temperatures. Thus, it minimizes the flame and thermal runaway.

E-Scooter Battery Technical Specifications

Battery Type Lithium Ion
Frequency 60 HZ
Warranty Period One-year
Voltage Rate 48 voltage, 60 voltage, and 72 voltage
Capacity Storage 25 to 35 Ah
Weight 15kg, etc.

Other Factors to Consider

The following are some other important factors to consider or know about your electric scooter batteries.

Battery Packs

Thinpack manufactures custom battery packs with assembled multiple Li-ion cells, specifically 18650. 

It is the cell that connects various accounts for complete voltages. The battery cells are arranged to achieve 24 voltage-60 voltage battery packs. However, the battery configuration arrangements affect rates of voltage, maximum current, and Ah capacity.


The C-rate is the other charging experience of e-scooter batteries. It defines the quick process of totally charging or discharging batteries. 

MS (Battery Storage System)

The automated BMS detects the scooter’s battery. It assures discharging and overcharging occurrences. This system automatically stops the power when the battery is fully discharged.

Voltage Sag

A voltage sag is a typical issue for electric-powered scooter batteries. It is a decreased voltage result due to electrical resistance, short circuits, and overloading.

Thus, it is recommended to let your e-scooter pause for several minutes, especially when on a long ride. That helps regain the battery’s normal voltage rate.


E-scooter’s Battery Lasts Up To How Many Years?

Before estimating an E-scooters lifespan, it is important to take into account the battery’s storage, capacity, and condition.

The battery lasts up to 4 years or runs around 5000 miles. However, e-scooter batteries will not last if improperly maintained. 

Can an Electric Scooter Battery be Extendable?

Yes, but extending the battery’s lifespan requires attentive care. For example, the battery charging should be C-rate below 1. Furthermore, the scooter must not operate below 32 °F or above 114 °F. 

And if not used for long periods, charging the batteries at full capacity before storing is a must.   

How Often Can an E-scooter Battery Be Charged?

It can go up to 300 to 500 charging sessions. The e-scooter battery goes through this multiple cycles before losing its capacity. 

But high-quality brand batteries last up to 1000 times if extensively maintained. 

Are the Batteries of Electric Scooter Water-Resistant?

Close enough. The battery can withstand water splashes for a short period. Therefore, this does not imply that they are waterproof.

Although some manufacturers built a protective casing for the batteries, this does not guarantee complete resistance.

Does Adding an Extra Battery Possible for an Electric Scooter?

It is possible. Adding an extra battery enhances the performance in range and speed. 

However, it’s essential to take note of the total battery volt output. It should be, at most, the e-scooters input volt. 

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