EPA Battery Reclamation

EPA or Environmental Protection Agency provides all the battery producers with guide and information on what battery regulations they must comply. Here at Thinpack, we have complied to all regulations about battery storage, recycling, and disposal. We can also help distributors and exporters to comply the yearly chemical reporting.

Thinpack Battery Recycling Project

As a professional manufacturer, we are completely responsible for complying with EPA regulations about battery recycling.

  • Removing and cleaning of racking cabinets
  • Transporting, palletizing, sealing, and uninstalling
  • Installing a replacement system if it is necessary
  • Providing complete indemnification
  • Transferring the batteries to a recycler
Thinpack Battery Recycling Project
EPA Hazardous Material Indemnification

EPA Hazardous Material Indemnification

Lead-acid batteries are considered hazardous based on US EPA. Thus, it must be properly disposed. However, flooded batteries are fortunately 99% recyclable. Below are other batteries that can be recycled.

VRLA is 97% recyclable

Ni-Cad is 86% recyclable

The batteries mentioned above can be safely disposed. Here at Thinpack, we provide services such as transporting, palletizing, and decommissioning all the used batteries for reclamation. We assure that the disposal of the said batteries will be according to Environmental Protection Agency. In fact, we will give you a Certificate of Recycling to indemnify your industry from liabilities.

Different Standards We Comply for HAZ-MAT

  • NERC regulations
  • EPA410KAR36:070
  • Battery Council International Recommendations
  • CFR
  • OSHA and IEEE regulations
Different Standards We Comply for HAZ-MAT

Thinpack Recycling Process According to Guidelines and Regulations

Sulfuric Acids and Electrolytes

These are reduced chemically to produce an anhydrous sodium sulfate. The produced chemicals are then used for producing papers, detergents, and more.

Remnants, Slags, and more

Remnants and slags are oxidized to create a granule with low toxicity and later on disposed of in fills.


Steel metals are recycled to be used for production processes. Other such as cast metals are formed into ingots to be reused.

Lead Paste

Lead pastes are recycled in the steel industry. It is de-sulfered using soda ash. After filtering, it will be reclaimed to be reused.


The plastics used in the production are sorted, cleaned, and isolated to be reused.

One Stop Battery Pack Solution

Thinpack provides one-stop automated guided vehicle battery charging solution based on your specific needs.
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