Inner Battery

Inner batteries are also called internal batteries since they are installed internally. Due to their internal installation, they are protected from dirt, dust, water, etc. The probability of them being stolen is also decreased.

  • Strong power
  • Long battery life
  • Higher watts are available
  • OEM Customized Lithium Cycling Battery 36V-2

Thinpack Top Quality Inner Battery In China

Inner batteries are designed to be integrated inside the e-bike’s frame. Due to that, they can make your bicycle more maneuverable and lightweight.

These batteries are used to provide power to the bicycle’s electrical features such as horns, lights, and more. They are the ideal solution to power your bicycles sufficiently.

Thinpack offers a wide range of high-quality inner batteries at reasonable prices. These batteries are manufactured according to CE, RoHS, UL, and other international standards. Thus, you can rest assured they have excellent quality and safety.

Our inner batteries come with high-quality cells from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and other reliable international brands. They also have intelligent BMS to prevent damage caused by over-discharge, overload, overcurrent, and short-circuit.

These batteries can also be customized as per your requirements. We can customize based on your design or drawing.

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Advantages of the Inner Batteries


The inner batteries are light in weight since they don’t have any heavy metals. Aside from that, they utilize Lithium-ion technology. That technology is very efficient and lightweight. For that reason, the inner batteries are easier to handle and transport.


People stores their e-bikes in their small apartment or home. To save space, inner batteries are the solution. These batteries are space-saving since:

  • Their battery cells have compact arrangement.
  • They have a slim and thin design
  • They have no extra housing or case around the battery cells.


The inner batteries use lithium-ion batteries which are affordable. And that allows you to save money because you’ll be spending less on gas and electricity bills.

High Durability

The inner batteries have excellent durability. They are suitable to use for all kinds of weather and they won’t break down.

Easy Installation

They are easy to install since you don’t need to connect any wires. Also, they have no complicated instructions for installation. Even people with no experience with batteries or bikes can install the batteries.

Environmentally Friendly

Inner batteries don’t need gas to power the e-bikes. Due to that, they don’t have emissions and are environmentally friendly.


These batteries can maintain their charge for a longer amount of time. And that makes them more dependable than other battery types.

Applications of Inner Batteries

Inner batteries can be used for:

  • e scooters
  • e motorcycles
  • e cargo bikes
  • other electric bicycles

What is the Difference Between Inner Batteries and Other Batteries?

Compared to the usual bike batteries, inner batteries are more long-lasting. They are also easier to charge.

What are the Advantages of Inner Batteries Over External Batteries?

Inner batteries are advantageous over external batteries since they have a lesser theft risk. They can’t be stolen easily since they are installed internally, unlike external batteries which are easy to steal.

Additionally, inner batteries look more elegant than external batteries. Installing the inner batteries inside the bicycle’s frame will make them hidden. On the other hand, external batteries are commonly installed on the luggage rack, seat tube, down tube, etc.

Therefore, inner batteries look much better since they blend in with the bicycle’s overall design.

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