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We are equipped with a strong R&D and QC team that is assigned to provide quality for all inverter battery products. With decades of experience in research and development, Thinpak ensure to deliver a render power solution globally.

Inverter Battery Manufacturing in China

Inverter batteries are both separated. The battery is known as the backbone of an inverter. They are specially designed to perform better because they are made from premium quality materials. Their life will depend on proper maintenance for effective operation and a long life span.

Thinpack offers protection technology to protect the inverter batteries from overcharging, damage, overheating, deep discharge, etc.

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Components of Inverter Battery

Inverter batteries are designed to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Its component describes as a “cell” just like the following below:

  1. Terminals. The terminal is a pure lead on the negative side and PBO2 on the positive side. The two are constructed as plates.
  2. Electrolyte. The electrolyte is sulfuric acid diluted with distilled water. An inverter battery is one of the wettest cell batteries that used liquid electrolytes.
  3. Separators. It is designed to prevent short circuits through physical contact. It is in between the positive and negative plates.
  4. Cooling fans. They are not part of the battery system but they are installed in the general part of the inverter system.
  5. Microprocessors-based Circuits. These belong to the general inverter system. It is also part of a battery charger that regulates charging.
  6. Displays, alarms, and LED lights. It is part of a battery charger that is designed to inform users of the situation of the battery.

Different Types of Inverter Batteries

Thinpack inverter batteries are available in two types based on their plate technology:

  • Tubular Batteries. The tubular battery is made of negative plates then the positive part is made of spines which are put under the tube packets.
  • Flat Plate Batteries. The flat plate battery is made up of negative and positive plates. That two plates are made up of pasted grids.


Thinpack inverter batteries are designed for in-demand applications across the world. They are openly used to provide power in

  • Banks
  • BPOs
  • Different industries
  • Hospitals
  • Education Institutes
  • Government
  • Departments
  • Homes and offices
  • Shops and restaurants
  • and more.

How it Works

An inverter battery is an electronic appliance that converts direct current ( DC ) electricity from a battery. After that, it goes to alternate current ( AC ) electricity for use in various appliances. They are referred to as deep-cycle inverters when using a battery. If using solar panels, it is referred to as PV inverters also known as solar inverters.

All inverters are able to perform duel rolls of rectifiers. It is the charging of batteries and inverters then converting to AC for use.

Furthermore, the battery is the major component of the inverter. Meaning that the work and health of inverters will depend on the battery. Both batteries and inverter will be sold and installed separately.

Why Choose Thinpack as Your No. 1 Inverter Battery Supplier

As a trusted supplier, we take years in providing unfailing trust for our customers. Thinpack will bring the best batteries with

  • Guaranteed longer life
  • Higher power output
  • Better thermal management
  • Minimal plate failures
  • Have the ability to recover from deep discharge
  • Frequent power outages
  • Requiring lesser topping-up frequency
  • Leak proof design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Superactive materials that provide excellent discharging performance.
  • Has heat-sealed PP container and cover
  • Special alloy for low maintenance of the battery, etc.


What are the useful tips to elongate the life span of inverter batteries?

  1. Keep inverter batteries rust-free and corrosion free
  2. Keep in a cool place away from moisture
  3. Use it regularly
  4. Always check the battery water level
  5. Replace batteries that are worn out
  6. Keep batteries from the thermal environment
  7. Avoid using energy-draining devices
  8. Avoid exceeding the load capacity of the inverter
  9. Don’t continuously drain the battery

What factors to consider when buying inverter batteries?

When buying our inverter battery, you must know your power requirements. It will depend on your electrical appliances that run at the time of power failure. Below is the power consumption with this common item:

1 Television 120 watts
1 CFL 25 watts
1 tube light 60 watts
1 Fan 70 Watts


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