• LFP 3.2V 31Ah Pouch Cell
  • LFP 3.2V 31Ah Pouch Cell

LFP 3.2V 31Ah Pouch Cell

  • Unique Advantages of High Security and Long Cycle. Ø 31Ah LFP Cell Good multiplication and low-temperature performance. 31Ah LFP Cell has good power performance and can be used for vehicles with higher power performance requirements such as PHEV.
  • No precious metal elements such as cobalt, the raw materials are easy to obtain and the cost is low;
  • The battery has high-temperature resistance, the thermal runaway temperature can reach about 800 degrees, and the safety performance is good;
  • The battery cycle life can get more than 3500 times, some can even reach 5000 times, and the service life is long;
  • The working voltage of the battery is 3.2-3.4V, which can meet the basic requirements of the vehicle battery;
  • After the battery’s service life expires, there is still 80% of the stored power, and the recycling value is high.
Cell Type MpFO (LFP) Remark
Normal Voltage/V 3.2 ±5%,@25℃
Normal Capacity/Ah 31
Nominal Energy/WH 99.2
Max Constant Charge Current 31
Max Constant discharge Current 62
10s Max Peak charge Current 62 50%SOC
10s Max Peak Discharge Current 128 50%SOC
Resistance <0.9
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2
Charge Limit Voltage 3.65
Charge Temperature -20~45 Reduce the charge current
when charge in a low
temperature environment.
Discharge Temperature -20~45
Cycle Life in 25 ℃ 7000(3C1D)
Weight/g 620±10
Size/mm (9.9±0.1)×(309±2.0) ×(103±2.0)

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