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It gets confusing when you’re looking to purchase a lithium battery with longevity and durability. In today’s world, we need batteries to run a lot of equipment around your home or work.  That’s where Thinpack comes in with their extensive LiPo battery ranges to help you decide which one would be the best fit for you!

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LiPo Battery Manufacturer in China

Production with low volume and high mix is Thinpack’s area of expertise. You are welcome to submit your own design or pick one of our current battery pack variants. In order to help your company, our design team can also personalize battery packs with your company’s image and name. To ensure complete client pleasure, we promise affordable prices and unique designs.

Your go-to source for a wide selection of LiPo batteries is Thinpack. For more than ten years, they have supplied many LiPo batteries to various cell markets.

Depending on your unique needs, Thinpack can produce several cell combination choices, which is not something every company can offer so easily. A rechargeable battery known as a lithium-polymer battery, or LiPo battery, uses polymer electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes. The electrolyte is created by the semisolid polymers with high conductivity.

Compared to lithium-battery types, LiPo batteries offer better specific energy. In some electronic gadgets, it is viewed as the more modern battery type.

Lipo Battery By Chemistry

NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt), LiFePo4 or lithium iron phosphate battery, and LTO (Lithium Titanate) Cells are the three primary chemical subcategories of lipo batteries. Those of you who want all the technical details will appreciate these information for sure. For your convenience, we’ve broken it down further into 3 categories:

LFP Battery 

An LFP battery is popular among customers as it strikes the ideal balance between price and performance. 

LTO Battery 

A high-performance battery with a long cycle life and low operating temperature.

NMC  Battery 

If you want an economically feasible battery with high energy density, then NMC battery is the way to go.

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Lipo Battery By Voltage

Lipo battery Cells can be customized based on the voltage.

Lipo Battery Shipping and Packing

  • New ternary polymer lithium battery
  • SK: (3.7V 55.5ah)
  • Size:.10*375*98mm
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • internal resistance: 0.6 milliohm
Lipo battery pack packing and shipment
Lipo battery application

Lipo Battery Applications

LiPo batteries manufactured by Thinpack have several uses. The main ones are seen in 2 prestigious projects. The first project is a 640V lithium battery system for a tunnel vehicle and then the second project is another lithium battery system for a public bus. 

Other uses of LiPo battery include radio-controlled cars, boats, helicopters, and airplanes. Not only that, they’re even used for drones, which people globally are using for multiple reasons due to their popularity in recent years. As you can see, the uses of these LiPo batteries are versatile.

The Structure of LiPo Battery

Now that you know what a LiPo battery is, let’s take a look at its structure. 

Structure of a lithium battery

A lithium battery is composed mostly of three elements. The cathode and anode electrodes, the electrode separator, and the electrolyte solution are all necessary to produce the chemical reaction. You should be aware that batteries have a charging phase and a discharging phase if you know anything about them. All of this is made possible by the presence of these three elements in the battery.

Different materials go into making a lithium battery to make sure chemical reactions occur to provide your desired outcome. The manufacturers at Thinpack pay close attention to these details to satisfy their customers’ needs through every purchase.You can check out all the details of a lithium battery by clicking here

Battery Voltage

The LiPo cell has a 3.7 nominal voltage. 1 LiPo cell = 1S = 3.7V. To get the battert’s operating voltage you need to multiply the total number of cells with the nominal voltage. The table below shows the sample.

Number of Cells*Nominal Voltage Output Voltage
1S battery (1cell) x 3.7V 3.7V
2S battery (2cell) x 3.7V 7.4V
3S battery (3cell) x 3.7V 11.1V
4S battery (4cell) x 3.7V 14.8V
5S battery (5cell) x 3.7V 18.5V
6S battery (6cell) x 3.7V 22.2V
8S battery (8cell) x 3.7V 29.69V
10S battery (10cell) x 3.7V 37.0V
12S battery (12cell) x 3.7V 44.4V

LiPo Battery Applications

The LiPo battery is widely used for:

  1. Radio-controlled cars
  2. Radio-controlled boats
  3. Radio-controlled airplanes
  4. Radio-controlled helicopters
  5. Drones/UAV
  6. Others

LiPo Batteries Capacity

Our LiPo battery comes with different capacity options including:

  • 1500mAh
  • 2000mAh
  • 2500mAh
  • 3000mAh
  • 4200mAh
  • 5000mAh
  • 5200mAh
  • 6400mAH
  • Many others

Why People Love LiPo Batteries

Presently, numerous consumer electronics devices use lithium polymer (also known as “LiPo”) batteries. They have become the most widely used option for those searching for long run times and high power in the radio control market over the past few years. 

There are several reasons why customers tend to go for LiPo batteries. 

  • Much less weight and practically any size or form can be produced.
  • They have a substantially larger capacity and can store a lot more energy.
  • Significantly higher discharge rates imply greater punch.

Over To You

It is fair to say that LiPo Batteries are going to dominate given their rising popularity and many advantages, therefore like any responsible maker or customer, it is advisable to educate yourself on them thoroughly in advance and make an informed purchasing decision.

According to the advantages that LiPo batteries offer, they are also regarded as the best by the general population. People constantly seek out high-quality products to guarantee safety and longevity, and LiPo batteries manufactured by Thinpack are proud to contain all the necessary qualities.


What are the main parameters of the LiPo battery?

As we are usually seen on LiPo battery coverings, the main parameter is the battery capacity, cell configuration, discharge rating, and battery voltage.

What is the discharge rate of Thinpack LiPo batteries?

Thinpack LiPo battery has a discharge rate of 30c – 60c

What is the advantage of higher voltage LiPo batteries?

The more cells LiPo batteries have, the higher the voltage they will have. And the higher the voltage, the more power you can produce.

What are some features of LiPo Batteries?

  1. Can be made in different shapes and sizes
  2. Much lighter weight
  3. High capacity
  4. High discharge rate
  5. Competitive cost

How to prolong LiPo battery life?

To get the maximum life cycle of a LiPo battery, you need to take some special care of it by maintaining its proper storing, charging, and discharging.

What is the unit measure of the LiPo battery?

“mAh” or milliamp hours.

How long does a 1000mAh LiPo battery drain if discharging with 1amp per hour?

The conversion is 1000mAh = 1 amp hour (Ah), which means that 1000mAh will drain 1 hour if discharge energy is 1amp.

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