Top 10 Company of Lithium Battery Australia

Now we can get to the main part. What are the best brands for lithium batteries in Australia? As we’ve mentioned, there are several of them to choose from.

And since it’s an important decision, we’ve gathered 10 of the best companies that manufacture lithium batteries Australia.

1.     Energy Renaissance

They are one of the first battery companies in Australia. Founded in 2015, the company now designs, build and manufactures their own lithium batteries at its facility in Australia.

Energy Renaissance (australia lithium battery -1)
Energy Renaissance (Australia lithium battery -1)

The first facility of Energy Renaissance which is called Renaissance One is responsible for the manufacture of high-quality batteries with several features. It’s located in Tomago, NSW, and supplies its batteries all over Australia.

Other than Lithium Batteries, the company also provides other energy-related services. They have two different lines of products with different use cases.

Three of their most popular products are superPak, superRack, and the superStorage. You can get these three products in three different versions: Power, Medium, and Energy. Check out their website for more details.

2.     PowerPlus Energy

Another option that you can add to your list would be PowerPlus Energy. They have started their journey in the lithium batteries Australia industry back in 2017. Over the last couple of years, the company has become trusted in the eyes of the Australian people.

PowerPlus Energy (australia lithium battery -2)
PowerPlus Energy (Australia lithium battery -2)

You can enjoy their products from anywhere in the world. But since the company is based in Australia, it’s more convenient for locals in terms of shipping and delivery.

Since the company uses LiFePO4 in its batteries, there is virtually no risk of the batteries ever catching on fire. And using this safe lithium chemistry also does wonders for the battery’s lifespan.

There are different energy products that you can find at PowerPlus Energy. There are three different series for their batteries. You can choose from any one of them depending on what you plan to use them for. There’s the LiFe Premium P series, the Eco P series, and the LiFe Premium N70. You can find more details on the official website.

3.     Revolution Power Solutions

No matter what your lithium batteries Australia needs are, you can find it satisfied at Revolution Power Solutions. It’s an Australian owned company that’s dedicated to providing the highest quality of lithium batteries to the locals.

Revolution Power Solutions (australia lithium battery -3)
Revolution Power Solutions (Australia lithium battery -3)

You can get lithium batteries for RV’s, caravans, vans, buses, and even batteries for boats and yachts. The batteries are power efficient and boast an impressive shelf life, so you can get one and not have to worry about changing it quickly.

This company is also using LiFePO4 lithium chemistry to construct their batteries. And that’s not the best part. You can also get them in different form factors as well. There are 12V options as well as 24V options that come in different shapes and sizes for your use.

4.     Magnis Energy Technologies

For those looking to get lithium batteries Australia from am energy giant, they don’t need to look any further than Magnis Energy Technologies. This company is not only a manufacturer of lithium batteries in Australia, but they’re also involved in other things as well.

Magnis Energy Technologies (australia lithium battery -4)
Magnis Energy Technologies (Australia lithium battery -4)

The company is actively researching new ways to build better and renewable forms of energy. One of the highlights about this company is that they source their own natural flake graphite. The Nachu project in Tanzania lets them harvest fake graphite that can be used in the lithium batteries.

The company is partnered with C4V which lets them design and manufacture cutting edge batteries for various purposes.

5.     Lithium Australia

Based in Perth, West Australia, this company firmly believes that sustainability is one of the key factors in the battery industry. That’s why Lithium Australia is dedicated to making cost efficient batteries that follow ethical practices.

Lithium Australia (australia lithium battery -5)
Lithium Australia (Australia lithium battery -5)

The batteries are made with materials that are not going to have adverse effects on the environment. This approach lets them manufacture batteries that are cost effective and accessible to the locals of Australia.

Lithium Australia has a subsidiary that are responsible for manufacturing batteries as well as recycling them. If you want to buy one of their batteries, then you will have to get in touch with VSPC which is in charge of the manufacturing of lithium batteries Australia.

They have batteries for different applications. Browse through their catalogue and you should find a lithium battery that will serve your purposes.

6.     Century Batteries

If you need a long lasting, power efficient and affordable lithium battery, then you should consider checking out Century Batteries. The company manufactures their batteries in Australia for the Australian population.

Century Batteries (australia lithium battery -6)
Century Batteries (Australia lithium battery -6)

It’s not just batteries however, the company also has other products such as the battery monitor. With this device, you can monitor the health and charge of your battery. It helps you take the battery for a top up when it will start to get low.

You can get batteries for cars, SUVs, boats, RVs, and Trucks. There are also batteries for electric cars and motorcycles as well.

You can find regular updates about the company and its different products as they’re regularly updated on their social media pages.

7.     Battery Energy Power Solutions

We understand when someone wants to get a battery from a company that has a long history and experience to show for it. That’s why we have included Battery Energy Power Solutions in our list.

Battery Energy Power Solutions (australia lithium battery -7)
Battery Energy Power Solutions (Australia lithium battery -7)

The company originally started in 1987. Over the years they have worked hard to establish themselves as one of the best in the industry.

The unique property of these lithium batteries Australia is the ability to thrive in harsh climatic conditions. And it’s not just that. The batteries are long-lasting and pack quite a punch when it comes to power delivery.

The manufacturing process is not limited to just making good batteries. Battery Energy Power Solutions is also doing strict quality control on al of their products. And speaking of products, they have a lot more to offer than just lithium batteries Australia.

8.     SolarKing Batteries

If simplicity is what you want when shopping for batteries, consider checking out SolarKing Batteries’ website. Although this Australian company specializes in renewable solar energy, they also have their own lithium batteries Australia.

SolarKing Batteries (australia lithium battery -8)
SolarKing Batteries (Australia lithium battery -8)

The company boasts 22 years of experience in renewable energy. The experience gained there has allowed them to capture the lithium batteries Australia industries as well.

9.     Lithium Battery Systems

This company is headquartered in Brisbane. But they also deliver their lithium batteries worldwide. You can find lithium batteries Australia tailored to your every specification. There are several applications for the lithium batteries that you can get from here.

lithium batteries systems (australia lithium battery -9)
lithium batteries systems (Australia lithium battery -9)

When you visit the website, you should recommended batteries for different uses. You can get lithium batteries Australia for RVs, marine vehicles, buildings, or 4×4 offroaders.

You can get batteries of varying voltages as well. Also, you can find batteries with the following voltage variations at Lithium Battery Systems:

  1. 12V Lithium Batteries
  2. 24V Lithium Batteries
  3. 36V Lithium Batteries
  4. 48V Lithium Batteries

10.  RV Lithium Systems

Those who like to travel on the road with their RVs know the importance of high-powered lithium batteries Australia. Thankfully, you have companies like RV Lithium Systems providing you with a battery for every need of your RV.

RV Lithium Systems (australia lithium battery -10)
RV Lithium Systems (Australia lithium battery -10)

But it’s not just RVs. If you have a motorhome, 4WD, or camper trailers, there are batteries for those as well. There are batteries of different form factors as well. Browse through them and you’ll end up finding the one that you’ve been looking for all along.

Wrapping Up

These are our top picks for lithium batteries Australia brand. Whenever you need a new lithium battery, you can check out any one of them. We’re confident that none of these top brands will disappoint you.

For more information about batteries in Australia, keep an eye out on our website.

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