Lithium Battery for Sailboats

Whether you are an OEM boat builder or battery dealer, Thinpack can provide innovative lithium batteries for sailboats. We are committed to designing high performance batteries for your projects.

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Sailboat owners preferred to use lithium battery because of its high performance. It can provide superior deep power cycle for providing solution to the crucial sailboat demands.

These batteries also offer exceptional resistance to corrosion for a longer run time. With its durability, rest assured that lithium sailboat batteries can withstand harsh marine elements.

Thinpack offers custom-fabricated lithium-ion sailboat batteries. We can manufacture according to your sizes, colors, designs, and more specifications.

By Capacity

Lithium Batteries for Sailboats

Lithium Battery for Sailboats


Compact Structure with Higher Capacity and More Current

Thinpack manufactures lithium sailboat batteries that are smaller in size. However, it can provide an increased durability, capacity, and current.

Even in its compact size, these batteries can still offer safe and reliable operations. Its design construction allows the battery to prevent shortage.

In addition, our sailboat lithium batteries have robust and stable design cell holders. Therefore, you can ensure that its internal has firm structure. Each battery cell is protected from impact, vibration, and short circuit.

Thinpack Sailboat Lithium Batteries Vs. Other Batteries

Unlike any traditional batteries, Thinpack lithium batteries for sailboat offers twice power density. These are also lighter, long-lasting, and has 50% faster charging compared to lead-acids. Take a look at the example below about the differences.

Parameters Thinpack Lithium Sailboat Batteries Lead-Acid Batteries
Battery Protection Built-in battery management systems Non-existent
Discharge Depth 100% 50%
Life Cycle 3000 to over 5000 500 to 1200
Battery weight 31 pounds 144 pounds
Ratings for Self-Discharge 2 to 3% per month Average of 33% per month

Benefits of Thinpack Lithium Batteries for Sailboat

Extended Life Services. Our batteries can provide longer services. Depending on your applications, these batteries can last for up to a decade. It also doesn’t require maintenance. Rest assured that it can save your time and money.

Safe to use. Unlike lead-acid or AGM batteries that need adequate ventilation, our sailboat lithium batteries are sealed completely. These are also protected from damage due to temperature and charge voltage.

High Tolerance to Temperature. The sailboat lithium batteries can handle and operate up to 145⁰C.

Optimal Features

  • High efficiency
  • High energy density
  • Greater amp-hour capacity
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Integrated with BMS

Safety Testing and Certifications from International Standards

  • UL listed
  • IEC62133-2017
  • ISO9001:2018
  • ISO14001:2004
  • IEC/UL 62133
  • TUV
  • UN/DOT38.3

Charging Lithium Sailboat Batteries

You can assure that our lithium batteries for sailboat are suitable for:

  • AC battery chargers
  • Alternator charging
  • Solar charging

Trusted Sailboat Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Over the years in the industry, Thinpack is providing one-stop solution for your sailboat battery needs. We can support your business by providing custom logo and packaging details upon request. Rest assured that we are capable of providing affordable price without compromising quality. Guaranteed that you can have excellent customer service and low MOQ to skyrocket your brand and industry.

Furthermore, Thinpack also supplies truck battery, marine battery, bus battery, forklift battery, AGV battery, stacker battery, and more.

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