Lithium Titanate Battery

Lithium titanate batteries were established by utilizing advanced nano-technology. They are designed with sturdy based and lasting life. That is because these batteries are made from premium-grade materials. Their sturdiness makes them operate even in high temperatures.

  • Resistant to high temperatures up to 60 ℃ and low temperatures lower than -40 ℃
  • Up to 20000 operational cycle life with 25 years shelf life
  • Only one-fourth of weight compared with lead-acid battery
  • Top Safety management with no hydrogen gas emission
  • Ultra-Fasts Charging within 10-15 minutes


Lithium Titanate Battery Manufacturer in China

Thinpack offers OEM/ODM services. Our team provides battery solutions and supports from design to testing and shipping. With the help of our professional engineers, we ensure to meet your li-titanate battery needs. 

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Lithium Titanate Battery By Volt

12V 120ah 5S12P 2
12V Lithium Titanate Battery
  • Nominal voltage: 11.5V
  • Configuration: 5S12P
  • Nominal capacity: 120Ah: @25℃,±5%
  • Nominal energy:1.38Kwh
  • Pulse discharge Current:400A
  • Dimension (LxWxH):230*179*500mm
  • System Weight:<12Kg
  • Life cycle:20000 times@standard working state. 80%DOD
24V 30ah lto 10S3P 24 volt li-ion lithium ion battery for electric scooter bike boat
24V 30ah lto 10S3P lithium ion battery for electric scooter bike boat
  • Configuration: 10S3P
  • Nominal capacity: 30Ah@25℃,±5%
  • Nominal energy: 0.69Kwh
  • Max constant discharging current rate: 200A
  • Pulse discharge Current: 400A
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 230*179*275mm
  • System Weight: <8Kg
  • Life cycle: 20000 times@standard working state. 80%DOD
36V 42ah 16S3P lithium titanate battery
36V 42ah 16S3P lithium titanate battery
  • Nominal voltage: 36.8V
  • Configuration: 16S3P
  • Nominal capacity: 42Ah @25℃,±5%
  • Nominal energy: 1.546Kwh
  • Pulse discharge Current: 400A
  • System Weight:<13Kg
  • Life cycle: 20000 times @standard working state. 80%DOD
48V Lithium titanate battery lto battery pack 48V20Ah 21S2P
48V Lithium titanate battery lto battery pack 20Ah 21S2P
  • Nominal voltage: 48.3V
  • Configuration: 21S2P
  • Nominal capacity: 20Ah@25℃,±5%
  • Nominal energy: 0.966Kwh
  • Customized, max:150A
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 230*179*365mm
  • System Weight: ~8Kg
  • Life cycle: 20000 times @standard working state. 80%DOD
60V 30Ah 40Ah 26S3P lto lithium titanate battery lto battery pack
60V 30Ah 40Ah 26S3P lto lithium titanate battery lto battery pack
  • Nominal voltage: 59.8V
  • Configuration: 26S3P
  • Nominal capacity: 30Ah@25℃,±5%
  • Nominal energy: 1.794Kwh
  • Max constant charging current: 75A
  • Max constant discharging current rate: 90A
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 230*179*635: The control box dimension is OEM.
  • System Weight: 15Kg
  • Life cycle: 20000 times @standard working state. 80%DOD
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LTO (Lithium Titanate) Battery Ultra Fast Charging

  • LTO Battery is ultra-fast charging compared with other battery
  • Higher Operation efficiency
  • Rapid Charging complete in 10 minutes
LTO battery with fast charging performance
LTO battery resist to low temperature

LTO (Lithium Titanate) Battery for Low Temperature

  • Resistance to Low Temperature
  • Can be used as low as -40 degree

Extremely Long Serivice Life

  • More than 20000 life cycle
  • Can use for more than 25 years
Thinpack battery NMC Cell with higher performance life
LTO battery with light weight

Super Light Weight

  • About 1/4 of the weight of a lead-acid battery
  • The smaller size reduces the load when replacing with the charged battery

Lithium Titanate Battery Production

Batteries made of lithium titanate contain titanium dioxide, lithium carbonate, oxide, hydroxide, and nitrate. This mixture is heated to create a stiff slurry. The foil is then curled up around them, creating a solid electrode.

They are sliced into tiny bits using rectangular dye when the electrode solidifies. The pieces are fed into automatic machines, where they are then chopped into sheets of wrapped insulating layer. And so an electrode stack is produced. 

In the battery pouches, the electrode pile is lastly inserted. To create lithium titanate batteries, they performed a heat-sealing procedure. To learn more about the materials and structures of a lithium battery, you can check this page by Thinpack which clearly denotes it all.

How It Works

Cathode, anode, and electrode components make up li-titanate batteries. These three facilitate the flow of electricity into the apparatus. The lithium titanate composition transforms the battery anode’s graphite into a spinel structure.

Li-titanate batteries use nanocrystals, which have a number of advantages. And that also entails a quicker electron flow and simple anode and cathode connection. As a result, quick recharging takes place.

Where to Use the Li-Titanate Batteries

Technology based on lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12) is the wave of the future. The best option for demand projects is one of the newest, commercially available batteries with a lifespan of more than 20000 cycles and quick charging and discharging characteristics.

 Due to Titanate nanotechnology, LTO battery cells perform better in low temperatures than lead acid, Li-ion, and other commercially available battery types. They are typically used in extreme temperatures. 

To make it more convenient for you, we’ve listed down a few applications of it:

  • Aerospace and military
  • Use of high-cycle life
  • Refuel power plants
  • Energy from UPS batteries for transportation In-Car Audio
  • Grids for electricity
  • Appliances
  • Portable power equipment
  • Electric vehicles

Advantages of Using Li-Titanate Batteries 

Now it’s time to observe some of the advantages of using lithium titanate batteries:

1. Outstanding Lifespan

The enhanced surface area of lithium-titanate nanocrystals and their sophisticated nanotechnology are specifically made to lengthen the lifespan of these batteries. The technology behind it is able to power up significantly more quickly than its more established substitute, the Li-Ion battery, thanks to its over 30 times bigger surface area. A Lithium Titanate battery has 20,000 cycles as opposed to just 2000 in a standard lithium battery, which represents a breakthrough method of energy storage.

2. Safe Option

Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) batteries are noted for their high level of safety when compared to alternative options. In addition to this, it comes with improved efficiency and energy-saving features. The planet and consumers both benefit greatly from this technology’s lower operating voltage advantages in terms of safety. The complete lack of carbon in lithium titanate batteries prevents thermal runaway or overheating. Overheating is a major contributor to fires in conventional energy storage devices.

3. Rapid Charging & Discharging

Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) batteries are a type of sophisticated modified lithium-ion battery that uses lithium titanate nanocrystals as opposed to regular carbon material on its surface. The anode has a surface area of roughly 100 square meters per gram of material. This is beneficial due to technological principles as standard carbon material only has a surface area of 3 square meters per gram. Thus electrons move to and fro from the anode faster allowing rapid charge and discharge capabilities. 

4. Low-Temperature Option

Another benefit of employing lithium titanate batteries is that these batteries operate far better at low temperatures than traditional battery technologies. This is thanks to nanotechnology being used in them.

It can operate at up to 80% of its maximum capacity at just -40°C thanks to these cold conditions discharge characteristics.

5. Light Weight

The weight of a lithium titanate battery is one-fourth that of a conventional lead acid battery. This makes working with the battery simpler. Additionally, it reduces the load when the battery finally needs to be changed.


Thinpack is on the path to being one of the leading providers of LTO batteries and with the help of their consumers who trust their work, they are on a steady rise! The characteristics of LTO batteries are crucial for usage in contemporary applications. This includes energy storage systems for renewable energy applications and electrical and hybrid cars.

Customers ought to be drawn to it by virtue of its versatility. You may be certain that you are receiving the best when it is produced by Thinpack.


Are Lithium Titanate Batteries and Lithium-ion Different?

Yes, the Li-titanate and lithium-ion batteries are different.

The Li-titanate ones are created by the combination of lithium and nanocrystals. They are faster to charge and rechargeable than lithium-ion batteries. 

How Long Do Lithium Titanate Batteries Last?

The lithium titanate batteries typically last about 30 years.

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