• LPCO 3.55V 9Ah Pouch Cell

LPCO 3.55V 9Ah Pouch Cell

Lithium cobalate LiCoO2 (LCO) material is the cathode material with the highest compaction density at present,
so the volume specific energy of the lithium ion battery prepared is the highest

The disadvantages of lithium cobalate are its relatively short life,
low thermal stability and limited load capacity (specific power)

Cell Type LpCO
Normal Voltage/V 3.55
Normal Capacity/Ah 9
Nominal Energy/WH 31.95
Max Constant Charge Current
Max Constant discharge Current 120
10s Max Peak charge Current
10s Max Peak Discharge Current 300
Resistance <1.5
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2
Charge Limit Voltage 4.1
Charge Temperature -10~55
Discharge Temperature -20~55
Cycle Life in 25 ℃ 8000(3C10D)
Weight/g 298±5
Size/mm (6.1±0.1)×(220.0±2.0) ×(126.0±2.0)

LpTO 10 mAh Pouch Cell design details

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