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We are a trusted supplier of marine pro batteries. Thinpack assures that this battery can power up your boats such as lights, motors, pumps, and other equipment.

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The marine battery is made with heavier plates and robust construction designed. They are able to withstand pounding and vibrations that can happen on any powerboat. These are more expensive that other automobile batteries. But this marine battery will last longer and be more reliable to use which cannot give my auto battery.

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marine battery

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Different Types of Marine Battery

We provide 3 types of marine batteries such as:

  • Marine Starting Batteries. This type of battery provides a quick but powerful source of energy. It is designed to start up the engine of the boat and can be recharged with the help of an engine alternator.
  • Marine Dual-Purpose Batteries. It is combined with starting performance and great cycle batteries. But it is not efficient as separate batteries, especially in providing enough power to start certain engines.
  • Marine Deep Cycle Batteries. These types of batteries have thicker plates rather than starting batteries. It can provide consistent and steady powers which is perfect to keep the motor going, powering GPS, lights, and more.

Advantages of Marine Batteries

Our marine battery offers excellent advantages including:

  • Can handle the harsh environment
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Deliver high power and performance
  • Vibration resistance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can provide a longer life cycle
  • Can maintain its charge while not in use other batteries cannot
  • Corrosion resistance and more.

Chemical Types of Marine Batteries

There are four types of chemicals in marine batteries. Every type have a different capacity and life span. Take a look at the following:

  • Wet Cell
  • Gel Cell
  • AGM
  • Lithium

But most of our marine batteries are using lithium and AGM which are very durable, unlike others.

Four Stages of Marine Battery Charging

Thinpack marine batteries offer four-stage charging cycles.

  • Bulk Charge Phase. It is the first stage that is responsible for generating the bulk of the battery charge. These can help to increase battery voltage.
  • Absorption phase. After the bulk charge phase, it is the next wherein the charging system will decrease the current flowing in marine batteries. Then provides the final 20-25% capacity of batteries.
  • Float Phase. When the current reduces the float phase will begin. It is able to maintain a full charge while minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Equalizations phase. It is the four stages of battery chargers. In this phase, it will periodically overcharge the battery just to remove any built-up sulfate from battery plates. The goal of this stage is to increase the lifespan of the energy storage system. Also to maximize the efficiency of battery banks.

Deep Cycle vs. Shallow Cycle of Marine Battery

The cycle of marine batteries will happen when you discharge the battery and then recharge it back to the same level. There are two types of cycles:

  • Shallow Cycle. In shallow cycle will happen when the top 20% or less of battery power is discharged and then recharge.
  • Deep Cycle. It will happen when the battery capacity will be discharged and recharged at 80%. These are built with thicker plates of active materials.

Marine Battery State of Charge Reference

Percentage 24V 12V Specific Gravity
100% 25.40 12.70 1.265
90% 25.16 12.58 1.249
80 % 24.92 12.46 1.233
70% 24.72 12.36 1.218
60% 24.56 12.28 1.204
50% 24.40 12.20 1.190
40% 24.24 12.12 1.176
30% 24.08 12.04 1.162
20% 23.96 11.98 1.148
15% 23.92 11.96 1.141
10% 23.84 11.94 1.134
5% 23.80 11.92 1.127
Discharged 23.80 11.90 1.120



How to avoid marine battery problems?

We provide step processes for avoiding any marine battery problems, especially for everyday use. Below are some of them:

  • Always check battery terminal connectors
  • Replace the wing nuts with nylon locking nuts to avoid loosening
  • Secure the battery with a good battery tray
  • Always keep the battery fully charged before using
  • Install a cover on the top of the positive battery terminal to prevent spark or possible explosion
  • Proper maintenance is a must.
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