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At ThinPack, you can find pouch batteries in various shapes such as rectangular, square, symmetrical, or asymmetrical. We support OEM and ODM services to satisfy your needs. You can specify the depths, shapes, capacities, voltage, sizes, chemistries, etc. We can etch your logo to the pouch battery based on your requirements.

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Pouch Battery Cell

ThinPack Pouch Battery is composed of anode, cathode, current collectors, electrode and separators. It is a lightweight battery encased in a polymer-coated aluminum foil. Their design eliminates the use of metal. Thus, more lightweight and simple battery solution.

Our range of pouch battery packs is manufactured uniformly and consistently. These are tested properly to make sure it meets quality standards. Thus, you can ensure certified, powerful and durable batteries for your applications.

Leading Pouch Cell Manufacturer in China

We design the best custom pouch battery pack solutions that meet all of the customer’s requirements. These are remarkably affordable and environmentally friendly. Our company owns a complete in-house automated pouch cell production line. It includes a slot die coater, forming machine, auto stacking machine, hydraulic calendar, etc. Thus, you are confident that we will effectively serve customers in a timely manner and precisely. Below, are the following process for manufacturing pouch cells:

  •   Electrode Sheet Preparation
  •   Li-ion Cell Assembly – Using the winding method and stacking method –
  •   Formation & Sealing of Battery Case
  •   Battery Testing
Thinpack Pouch Battery HPTO 2.3V 14ah
  • The safest known lithium battery system
  • Full charging in 10 mins
  • Ultra long lifecycle:20,000
  • 10+ years of commercial operation verification
Thinpack Pouch Battery LFP 3.2V 31Ah
  • Unique Advantages of High Security and Long Cycle.
  • Excellent multiplication and low-temperature performance.
  • Top performance and can be used for vehicles with higher power performance requirements such as PHEV.
Thinpack Pouch Battery LPCO 3.55 9Ah
  • Suitable for small and medium size battery
  • High energy density and stable structure
  • Higher cost and low thermal stability
  • Use in portable electronic devices as positive electrode materials.
Thinpack Pouch Battery LPTO 2.3V 10Ah
  • Ultra-Fast Charging 15-30 minutes
  • Currently, it is the safest Lithium Ion Battery Chemistry
  • Working Condition can bellow -40 ℃ and up to 60 ℃
  • Full Cycle up to 20000
Thinpack Pouch Battery MPCO 3.7V 21ah 21ah 24ah 52 ah
  • Operation temperature range: -30℃~60℃
  • Safety and good performance in high temperature
  • Suitable for the heavy vehicle
  • Nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries
  • Full charging Ultra Fast in 10 mins
  • Ultra long lifecycle:20,000 cycles lifetime
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Why Choose ThinPack Pouch Cell Battery?

Long-lasting products – All our pouch batteries have been tested for longevity.

Space Saving – The pouch cell provides a 90–95% packaging efficiency.·

Enhanced Energy Storage – Comparing pouch cells to cylindrical cells, a pouch cell can store a lot more energy in a given physical area.

Lightweight – ThinPack Pouch cells are lightweight compared to prismatic and cylindrical forms. The energy density of flat pouch cells is higher than that of other cell shapes.

Manufacture with Smart BMS – The pouch battery is designed with a BMS (Battery Management System). It provides a balance battery and protects them from overcharging and over-discharging.

Safety performance – This product won’t explode or cause a fire when there is a problem like a steel case or an aluminum case; it will only swell or crack.

Pouch battery cell module laser welding
Wide Range of Applications

Wide Range of Applications

Pouch battery is used in applications that require low carry weight, high load currents, explosive power, magnification, and instant powerful output.

  •   Racing motorcycles
  •   Hobby gadgets
  •   Drones
  •   RC racing cars
  •   Jump starters
  •   Mobile phone
  •   Medical products
  •   Digital Camera
  •   GPS
  •   Wearable devices
  •   Tablet computers, etc.

Key Performance Test 1: Nail Penetration Test

  • 100% SOC, 5mm diameter steel needle, needing speed 80mm/min
  • Test Result: The cell did not smoke or cause fire
Key Performance Data LFP Pouch Cell -1 (nail penetration)
Key Performance Data LFP Pouch Cell -2 (overcharge)

Key Performance Test 2: Overcharge Test

  • Test conditions for overcharging: charge current 1C, charge cut-off condition is 1.5 times the voltage limit for constant current charging (5.475V) or constant current charging for 1 hour
  • Test result: there is no fire, no explosion, no fire in the sample. And there is no bulging and cracking.

Key Performance Test 3: Short Circuit Test

  • External Short-Circuit Test Condition: short-circuit resistance: 5mΩ, short-circuit time 10 minutes.
  • Test result: the battery did not catch fire or explode.
Key Performance Data LFP Pouch Cell -3 (short Circuit)
Key Performance Data LFP Pouch Cell -4 (thermal run away)

Key Performance Test 4: Thermal Runway

  • Thermal runaway test term: 100%SOC, 300W heater heat the back of the cell and test the temperature rise rate at the front of the cell.
  • Result: when the test was carried out for 48.10 minutes, the thermal runaway was triggered, and the cell was smocked, but no fire.

Pouch Cells VS. Prismatic Cells Battery  

Durable Packaging – Steel or aluminum rectangular casings are used in prismatic cell production while pouch cells are packaged in a soft polymer foil chase.

Shape – Prismatic cells battery has a rectangular shape while pouch cells come in several sizes and shapes. Commonly flat rectangular ones.

Weight – The pouch battery is lighter than prismatic cell batteries. Thus, it is ideal for machinery or aircraft that must be portable and practical.

Price – The prismatic battery has less stringent technical criteria for its material. While the pouch battery is 10% greater than in material cost production.

ThinPack manufactures pouch cell and prismatic cell designs based on your requirements.

Cell Type LpCO LpTO LpTO MpCO MpCO MpCO MpFO Remark
Normal Voltage/V 3.55 2.3 2.3 3.6 3.7 3.7 3.2 ±5%,@25℃
Normal Capacity/Ah 9 10 14 15 18 21 31
Nominal Energy/WH 31.95 23 32.2 54 66.6 77.7 99.2
Max Constant Charge Current 100 140 80 70 42 31
Max Constant discharge Current 120 60 84 80 70 63 62
10s Max Peak charge Current 210 120 175 63 62 50%SOC
10s Max Peak Discharge Current 300 168 120 210 84 128 50%SOC
Resistance <1.5 <1 <1.5 <1.3 <1.0 <1.1 <0.9
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2 1.5 1.5 2.5 2.7 2.7 2
Charge Limit Voltage 4.1 2.8 2.8 4.3 4.2 4.3 3.65
Charge Temperature -10~55 -30~55 -10~45 -5~45 0~55 0~55 -20~45 Reduce the charge current
when charge in a low
temperature environment.
Discharge Temperature -20~55 -30~55 -20~46 -20~45 -20~55 -20~55 -20~45
Cycle Life in 25 ℃ 8000(3C10D) 7000(3C3D)) 3000(1C1D) 7000(3C1D)
Weight/g 298±5 292±6 351±8 336±3 348±10 348±10 620±10
Size/mm (6.1±0.1)×(220.0±2.0) ×(126.0±2.0) (5.95±0.2)×(217.0±1.0) ×(128.0±1.0) (7.10±0.15)×(212.0±1.0) ×(128.0±2.0) (7.20±0.1)×(220.0±2.0) ×(126.0±1.0) (7.10±0.2)×(211.0±1.0) ×(128.0±1.0) (7.1±0.1)×(220.0±1.0) ×(127.0±0.9) (9.9±0.1)×(309±2.0) ×(103±2.0)


Quality System

ThinPACK is compliant with ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, MFI, and OHSAS18000 certifications. Our pouch battery products are certified to REACH, RoHS, FCC, PSE, UL, UN38.3, KC, CE, CB, etc.

For after-sales support, the product quality traceability system offers precise data information. Before shipping and delivery, everything is thoroughly inspected to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

What connects pouch cells?

Pouch cells are associated together using terminal tabs. It is emerged through the seals and connects to adjacent pouch cells.

Can the pouch cells deliver high-load currents?

Although the pouch cells can deliver large load currents, they operate most effectively under low loading and moderate charging conditions.

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