Thinpack is a professional Powerwall manufacturer in China that are guaranteed a high capacity of up to 100A maximum continuous discharge current.

  • Provides energy capacity up to 5-13kWh
  • Up to 12 Powerwall Parallel Setup
  • Up to 6000-12000 life cycles with 80% DOD
  • 2 Years Warranty & 20+ Years Life
  • Equipped with BMS for safety and protection
  • 6kwh Powerwall

Powerwall Manufacturer in China

Powerwall a type of an integrated battery system specifically designed to store energy from solar system. It serves as a backup protection that functions by keeping the power on even with outage. The Powerwall can detect power outage and will use the stored energy to keep appliances running. These are rechargeable through the sunlight.

At Thinpack, we manufacture Powerwall that are easy to use and install in home or building setting. You can purchase it with compact design. Rest assured that it can provide high energy density to ensure clean power. Each Powerwall can be customized according to your requirements. We can manufacture based on your size, colors, and design details. Send us your inquiries today!

Thinpack V Series Powerwall Products

9kwh black Powerwall
  • 12000 Cycles Life with 80% DOD
  • Low-Temperature Applications
  • Lithium Polymer Pouch Cell 31 mAh
TPK V1 Powerwall 48V 100Ah 150Ah 200Ah
  • 6000 Cycles Life with 20 Years Life
  • Module Design can Parallel to get Bigger Energy
  • Compact Design & Easy to Handle
  • 5kwh, 7 kwh, 10 kwh power design
  • Smart Independent BMS System
  • Safe Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Cell
TPK V3 Energy storage battery Powerwall - 1 (1)
  • Build-in Moudularized Design & Expandable Power
  • LCD Screen Real Time Display Working Status
  • BMS System Ensures Each Cell Within Safety Limit
TPK V4 all in one LFP Battery with Inverter Powerwall 11
  • Build-in 5KW Inverter with Optional 5KWH, 10KWH, 15KWH Battery
  • Over-current/Over-voltage/Short circuit/Under-voltage/Over temperature Protection
  • 48V 100AH/200AH/300AH
400V Battery Energy storage system battery rack
  • 400V Customized Solution for energy storage
  • Optional built-in inverter
  • 10-50 Kwh solution for industrial & Commercial use
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15KWH Lithium Ion Lifepo4 Battery System In Jamaica

  • 3 Units 5KW 48V 100Ah Energy Storage Powerwall
  • 1 Unit off-grid BP Solar Inverter 5KW
  • 20 Units Solar Panel 250W
15KWH Lithium Ion Lifepo4 Battery System In Jamaica
Battery Powerwall Packing & Shipment

LiFePO4 Energy Storage Battery Powerwall Packing & Shipment

  • Professional Safety Packing for Battery
  • UN 38.3 International Shipping
  • CE, UL1642, IEC62619, MSDS Certification
  • Compatible with most of the available Hybrid Inverters

Standard Specifications

  • Energy Capacity Rating: 5kWh
  • On-Grid Power: 8kVA (continuous)
  • Nominal Voltage Rating: 120/240V
  • Usable Energy:5kWh
  • Continuous Power: 5kW
  • Internal Battery Voltage: 50V (DC)
  • Charging Voltage: 56-58V
  • Standard Charge Current: 50A
  • Rated Capacity: 100Ah

Modern Powerwall Design

We manufacture Powerwall with minimalist and compact design to complement modern solar system and home design. These are easy to install with its all-in-one and versatile features. It comes with a wide range of mounting options for both outdoor and indoor installations.

  • Pet and child friendly
  • No exposed vents or wires
  • Stackable
  • Water resistant
  • Withstand various weather conditions

Compatible with Different Appliance

  • Electric cooling and heating
  • Air handlers
  • Electric ovens
  • Well pumps
  • Electric vehicles

Wide Range of Operating Modes

  • Backup power
  • Solar self-consumption
  • Time-based control

Installation Options

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor mounted

Monitoring and Managing Powerwall

You can monitor the energy Powerwall storage using a Tesla app.

It also has built-in sensors that can display the energy storage and usage.

With the app, customizing your Powerwall setting is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive to install Powerwall in my establishment?

The cost of overall Power installation especially if it comes with solar system will range from $10000 to $11000.

What is the power capacity of your Powerwall?

Our Powerwall can hold up to 13.5kWh with 5.0kW power rating.

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One Stop Battery Pack Solution

Thinpack provides one-stop automated guided vehicle battery charging solution based on your specific needs.
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