Thinpack Battery Recycling Guidelines

The typical batteries we offer is the lithium-ion batteries. It guarantees eco-friendly and lasting energy solutions. The current development of lithium batteries features affordability and safety.

Here at Thinpack, we invest in developing all options for delivering a high-value set of solutions. And aim to expand the recycling-related services available for various industries. 

We are qualified to provide such a solution for our consumers with our in-depth knowledge. Additionally, Thinpack comes with full service. That includes the transportation of recycled batteries. We guarantee that we adhere to all requirements for authorization and licenses.

Systematic Battery Material Recycling

To achieve sustainable and effective recycled battery production, Thinpack blends hydrometallurgical and low-carbon mechanical methods.

Tricky Waste Treatment Experts

Thinpack has over a decade of experience in managing tricky waste treatments. We can guide you on a safe and eco-friendly way of disposing of liquid, solvents, and other unsafe wastes.

Worthwhile Reprocess Raw Materials

Along with our professionals, we can recycle the battery’s metals via hydrometallurgical procedures. They are formed into recycled raw elements, like lithium hydroxide, nickel, cobalt, and more.

One Stop Battery Pack Solution

Thinpack provides one-stop automated guided vehicle battery charging solution based on your specific needs.
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