Research and Development that is Innovative

Pursuing the creation of battery technology innovation firms while abiding by its principles.

R&D Strength

In the field of domestic custom battery technology, Thinpack brings together a group of the most well-known professional scientific and technological talents, who are experts in mastering and owning all the key technologies of battery pack design, development, and manufacturing.

To manufacture custom batteries using top-quality raw materials. Thinpack currently uses top-notch manufacturing machinery. We created batteries in a number of series with a range of features, including large capacity, low internal resistance, outstanding safety, extended life, superior cost performance, and more qualities. Which have all been widely acknowledged by the industry both domestically and internationally.

R&D Latest Innovations

– Depending on your needs, we can offer specialized batteries with discharge rates ranging from 3C to 150C.

– Batteries that can operate in temperatures ranging from -50° to 80° are available upon request.

– We are able to produce batteries with odd shapes, including circular, curved, and other shapes.

R&D Latest Innovations

Thinpack R&D Test Equipment

One Stop Battery Pack Solution

Thinpack provides one-stop automated guided vehicle battery charging solution based on your specific needs.
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