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A “start-stop battery” mechanism is included in more recent car models that automatically starts and stops the engine when the car is motionless. Then it restarts after disengaging the brake or engaging the clutch.

  • Start Stop Battery

Apart from that, start-stop batteries are designed to reduce operational costs while also reducing fuel usage and pollution. Additionally, it was developed specifically to meet the needs of modern passenger automobiles that use start/stop technology.

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52V Start Stop Battery
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85V Start Stop Battery
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36V Start Stop Battery
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Batteries Range Features

  • Increase cycle life
  • Spill-proof construction
  • Fully maintenance-free
  • High impact and vibration resistance
  • Long shelf life and little discharge
  • Developed for challenging environments and harsh climates
  • Ideal for situations requiring start-stop
  • Greater flexibility when mounting
  • Lower emissions by up to 8% and improved fuel economy
  • Reduce state of charge operations by optimization
  • Absolutely no leaks and completely sealed; no loose acid

The Various Types of Start/Stop Car Batteries

When looking for start/stop automobile batteries, you’ll typically come across two different sorts of batteries:

  • (AGM) Absorbent glass mat

Start/stop batteries with AGM technology are regarded as being the most powerful. They work better on heavier or more difficult vehicles than on regular passenger cars.

  • (EFB) enhanced flooded battery

EFB batteries are less powerful, more cheap start/stop batteries that are best suited for the standard private passenger car with low power usage.

Start Stop Battery Ideal Uses

A start/stop battery must withstand a double load, which means that it is continuously in use once your automobile has started. Even when the engine is off, it will still keep your ancillary systems, such as:

  • the radio
  • Lights
  • and air conditioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lifespan of a Start-Stop Battery?

The typical lifespan of this kind of battery is 3 to 5 years. 

AGM batteries are perfect for strong cars with stop/start mechanisms. They often last longer than EFB batteries. 

For simpler stop/start electric systems with smaller engines, the EFB battery is intended.

Does a Start Stop Vehicle Require a Particular Battery?

Modern technology is required for batteries in start-stop systems since ordinary starter batteries cannot handle the greater demands of automobiles.

In order to operate efficiently and dependably, the electrical system architecture in current cars needs to be compatible with battery technology.

How Does the Start-Stop Function Operate?

Start-stop technology is fully automatic and operates by identifying when the car is not moving. 

The engine control unit (ECU) turns off the engine by cutting the fuel and ignition when it notices the brake pedal is depressed and the vehicle is in neutral.

When Charging a Stop-Start Battery, How Long Does it Take?

This will take approximately 10 to 24 hours to fully charge a standard automotive battery with a usual charge amp of around 4 to 8 amps.

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