Top power wall Manufacturer in China

1. Torphan

Nanjing Torphan specializes in lithium ion batteries for energy storage system and motive power system. This company is consisted of  R&D department, manufacturing department and after-sales service department. The main products produced by this company are power wall battery, lithium ion battery, forklift battery, battery charger, etc. Due to the flexible customer-made project, the highest quality, rich experience, efficient and timely customer solution, Torphan has been widely acclaimed by customers.

What’s more, Jingping Li, founder of Torphan said that, ‘Battery is the guarantee of energy stability, the safety and stability of batteries is the key, we pay attention of every set of batteries’. Mr Li believes that the human future will be highly mechanized, highly electrified, highly independent, all of which are tightly related with electric energy. Therefore, the earlier you achieve energy independence, the sooner you can get rid of control, and the less you can reduce the inconvenience of it.

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BSLBATT is a professional designing renewable energy systems company with more than 18 years history, which locates in Guangdong. This company’s R&D department  has the newest ideas to assist customers to store solar energy so that realizing the concept of green earth. In addition, their products have passed professional certification test, like ISO/CE/UL/UN38.3/ROHS/IEC standards. The highlight of BSLBATT is that it can generate savings while the sun’s not shining with game-changing tech. What’s more, this company’s business covers wide fields, like residential and commercial applications. Due to the best solutions, their power wall charges have high-efficiency, reasonable-price and easy-installation features.

The absolute advantages of BSLBATT are superior resin quality, short productions lead time, 100% quality inspection and provide your design draw according to your requirement.

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3. Batterlution


Batterlution is founded in2017, and its headquarter and R&D center are located in Hefei, Anhui Province. It is a professional company, specializing in development and production of energy storage battery. Their main products are home LFP battery pack, home high voltage battery, commercial battery storage and BMS&EMS.

Through peak shifting and solar generation self-consumption, this company realized  optimizing energy utilization and maximizing electricity cost savings.

Considering customer experience, this company offers 10 years warranty time for battery products. In addition, if there are issues in battery, customers can contact local distributers and installers, they will give professional and comprehensive assistance.

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MUST is a leading high-tech battery manufacturer in Shenzhen city, which has more than 21 years manufacturing experience, 10000 manufacturer bases and over 60000 monthly production.

About their production process, they always keep strict quality control, professional assembly line, and rigorous packaging. And you can find comprehensive certifications they have gained in their website. What’s more, to make customers have satisfactory experience, they also offer anytime and everywhere services, like technical service, repair service, preventative maintenance and management & consulting service.

Their heated products are as follows:

  • solar inverter
  • lead-acid battery
  • uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • PC room system

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5. EverExceed


EverExceed was established for more than 18 years, and their heated products are critical power, lithium battery, solar system and so on. EverExceed has British technology from the 20th century. EverExceed has cooperated with many notable brands around the world, including Siemens, TELMEX, PEMEX, MOTOROLA and Huawei. Their products can be widely used in various many industrial applications such as telecommunication, medical, education and transportation.

If you have some questions about their battery products, you can refer to the product usage video on their website. To meet the needs of the market and provide the right solution, Emerson offers customized design and integration services for the global market. What they can ensure is that this company obey the strict quality standards in every production process.

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6. SolaxPower


SolaxPower was established in 2012, and became an international company, with offices in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan and the USA. SolaxPower’s dream is to build a clean and sustainable future. This company is capable to produce some of the most efficient solar inverters, making customers enjoy more of the free, clean energy available to us from the sun.

For where to buy, SolaxPower has distributors in different countries who can provide prompt, accurate and reliable service and product support to SolaX customers.

Moreover, SolaxPower covers both residential and commercial areas to meet the consumer needs of different groups.

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7. GSL Energy

GSL Energy

GSL Energy was a leader of lithium lifepo4 battery in China Since 2006, which vertically integrates all the techniques required for ESS, including system integration, cathode materials, LiPo, and BMS. GSL Energy has self-developed key technologies and is dedicated to the application of ESS. Their main battery products are power storage wall, solar panel, EV charger and lifepo4 battery.

Due to the highest battery cycle life, 15 years warranty, extreme safety, and full certifications, GSL Energy has absolute advantages in battery industrial.

In addition, it serves over 500000 families around the world, like Lebaron, Bahamas, Thailand, Africa, Italy, the USA, etc. Therefore, GSL Energy has sufficient influence in the global battery field.

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8. Dongjin Power

Dongjin Power

Shenzhen Dongjin Group is a company dedicated to the production, development and sales of lead-acid batteries, lithium battery packs and lithium battery cells. This company has factories in overseas countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Turkey, Brazil, etc. Their products are widely used in solar energy storage, UPS, communications, electric vehicles, outdoor mobile power and other fields, and are well liked by customers.

What’s more, strong team, rich experience in production and complete after-sales service make Donjin Power outstanding in the global battery area. And Dongjin Power has also obtained a number of patents.

At last, the core concept of this brand are light up your home, power your holiday and change your life.

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9. Felicitysolar


Guangzhou Felicitysolar was founded in 2007, which is a new high-tech enterprise of photovoltaic energy integrating R&D, production, sales, engineering design, installation guidance and after-sales service. This company pays attention to researching the new solar energy, and their products have been passed many  international certifications. Also this company has cooperated with over 40 countries and regions. You can find professional technical guides in their website.

Felicitysolar mainly produces solar inverter, MPPT controller, solar lithium battery, gel battery, solar all in one street light.
In addition, Felicitysolar has various certification to provide customer with reliable and high quality products. And during product design, every material is rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of quality standards and reliability.

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10.  Rosen


Rosen is a professional expert in manufacturing many green energy products. This company is established in 2008 and focuses on helping customers improve production efficiency. From 2008, Rosen has left footprints in over 70 countries, has 20 years PV experience, and almost 500 employees around the world. Rosen has built firm business relationship with many famous brands, like Huawei, BYD, Deye and so on. Rosen’s products solved many problems in residential, commercial and utility fields and gained the trust of domestic and foreign guests.

Rosen mainly produces solar battery, solar panel, inverter, EV charger, etc. And their products are widely accepted in residential, industrial and commercial use.

Finally if you want to know more details about this company and green battery, please click this link.

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