Top 12 Lithium Battery Application

Since the 1990s lithium batteries have been the primary source of power for multiple devices. Mobile phones, cars, computers, you name it. Batteries also act as the power source for when it comes to medical equipment as well.

As you can see, lithium batteries come with different applications which is one of the contributing factors to its popularity. That and the fact that they are rechargeable. Today, we’re going to see what are lithium batteries used for and the different lithium battery application uses. Let’s begin.

What Are Lithium Batteries Used for and Different Lithium Battery Applications

The most popular lithium battery application has to be with mobile phones. Seeing as how we’re spending most of our time with our phones these days, we have to say that it’s the most important lithium battery application that we can think of.

But that’s not the only application that these batteries have. Today, we’ve made a list of the best 12 applications of lithium batteries.

1.     Pacemaker

As lithium batteries have a long lifespan, the lithium battery application inside a pacemaker is one of the best ones there is. With an average lifespan of around 7-8 years, lithium batteries are now the go to for pacemakers placed on the hearts of the patients with a heart condition.

Lithium batteries are also light which puts less strain on patients. The battery capacity doesn’t degrade too quickly. Typically, a patient won’t notice a depletion in battery capacity before 5 years.

lithium battery application Pacemaker
lithium battery application Pacemaker

2.     Digital Cameras

As the world of photography has evolved, we got to see a shift in the power source used in these batteries. Nowadays with DSLRs and digital cameras which require a strong power source, we can see a lithium battery application in this.

Thanks to the superior battery performance, and the ability to recharge them, lithium batteries are widely used in digital cameras. For professional photographers, having extra batteries that can provide power for a longer time, really comes in handy. So you can see how the lithium batteries application ties into that.

Some companies design their new cameras to support the same lithium battery module. So even if you’re upgrading your camera, you won’t have to let go of that trusty power source.

lithium battery application Digital Cameras
lithium battery application Digital Cameras

3.     Smartphones

If we’re talking about digital devices, smartphones are the most popular one. After all that’s what everyone is spending their time on. There are around 6.95 billion mobile users worldwide.

With that large number, you need a good power source to enjoy an uninterrupted experience. From the flagship phones from different brands, you can even get up to 24 hours battery life on regular use.

lithium battery application Smartphones
lithium battery application Smartphones

Lithium batteries in mobile phones have undergone a lot of changes. In the past, there used to be bulky battery packs. That proved to deliver a bad user experience. Since the main purpose of a mobile phone was to be portable, having a bulky battery defeated the purpose.

But after lithium batteries came out, they got bigger and slimmer. Not only is it easier to carry your mobile phone, the devices can hold charges for much longer as well.

It’s also one of the reasons why you can enjoy such a large battery life with a slimmer form factor.

4.     Portable Battery Packs

Electrical devices that run on battery, no matter how efficient will eventually run out of battery. And when that happens, it’s really handy to have a portable battery pack. As we saw in the pacemaker lithium battery application, the batteries are smaller in size and pack a punch.

This is what makes lithium batteries perfect for portable packs. These usually come in a durable case, so they will last you a long time if you take care of it properly.

You can recharge and use them as a secondary power source. They recharge fast and you can use them to charge your devices quickly as well.

lithium battery application Portable Battery Packs
lithium battery application Portable Battery Packs

Power packs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you’re just using your phone, you could use a smaller sized power pack that’s around 10,000 mAh. But if you’re going to use it to charge a laptop, you should consider getting a bigger one.

Portable power pack lithium battery application is not limited to using on mobile phones. You can even use it to charge devices that support USB type-C.

5.     Electric Vehicles

As we’re moving towards green technology, electric vehicles have become a big part of our lives now. And these batteries run using batteries instead of fuel which produces a lot of carbon waste.

You should’ve guessed by now, the kind of battery used in these electric vehicles. That’s right, we get to see a lithium battery application here as well. These deliver a decent mileage on a single charge. It’s perfect for commuting vehicles such as electric scooters.

And as the batteries are lighter compared to other alternatives, you can move them around. You can even recharge them inside your homes which should save you a ton of hassle. And since they weigh less, you get more mileage on these batteries compared to lead-acid batteries.

lithium battery application Electric Vehicles
lithium battery application Electric Vehicles

Even if you’re driving a fully capable electric vehicle, you’ll still be using lithium batteries. Unlike a scooter, you will be using larger batteries. If you consider something like a Tesla, these batteries can also be charged using a supercharger. This will give you a significant power backup for a very short charge time.

6.     Solar Energy Storage

Solar energy is also an excellent lithium battery application. Instead of using solar energy directly, you can store it in the lithium batteries and use them at a later time.

Although solar energy is unlimited, there are going to be days when the sun doesn’t shine. And on those days, the energy from the solar panels that’s stored in the batteries will see the most use.

lithium battery application Solar Energy Storage
lithium battery application Solar Energy Storage

In places where there is a shortage of electricity, solar panels are used the most often there. Pairing that up with lithium batteries allows for quick charging. The electricity produced is also low resistance, so it’s perfect for storing the solar energy.

7.     Power Backup

Speaking of power, you can make use of a lithium battery application when it comes to emergency power. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) will supply you with backup power when the electricity goes out.

Because of the benefits that lithium batteries come with, they are perfect for using as emergency power backup. The electricity generated by lithium batteries are also compatible with various devices like medical equipment which is always needed in hospitals.

Lithium battery application Power Backup
Lithium battery application Power Backup

8.     Surveillance System

If you use surveillance or alarm systems that require battery backup to be controlled remotely, then a lithium battery application for it is just what you need. Even if you’re missing out on direct power from an electrical grid, the devices can keep running 24/7.

Lithium-ion batteries are smaller in size with a significant power output. If the devices are not active all the time, then the lithium-ion batteries are the best option. These come with a low-discharge rate which is perfect for devices like these.

lithium battery application Surveillance System
lithium battery application Surveillance System

9.     Golf Carts

Regular golfers who own a golf-cart understand the value of a lithium battery more than anyone else. If you get a good lithium battery, that will last you for a very long time.

Typically golf-carts and electric vehicles use a lead-acid battery. But those don’t have as long of a lifespan as a lithium battery. Here’s a small example to show you how long lasting these batteries actually are.

Lithium battery application Golf Carts
Lithium battery application Golf Carts

A lithium ion battery has a lifespan for around 1500 charging cycles. If you play golf once per week, that’s 52 charging cycles in a year. According to these calculations, under these conditions, the lithium ion battery is going to last for around 28 years.

10.  Marine Vehicles

For boats and yachts, the less heavy it is, the better it is. Instead of using a traditional lead-acid battery, you can instead choose to use a lithium battery which is a fraction of the weight. You can get better mileage and the battery is also going to last much longer.

Lithium batteries are also protected against water damage. So, even if you’re using it, you don’t have to worry about the battery giving out. You can always expect a steady supply of power if you get your boat hooked up to an aquatic battery.

Lithium battery application Marine Vehicles
Lithium battery application Marine Vehicles

11.  Leisure Purposes

Sometimes you want to take a weekend off and journey off into the wilderness. To enjoy yourself to the fullest, you will need a battery backup for which the lithium battery application is perfect.

But you might be wondering, what are lithium batteries used for in leisure? Lights, air conditioning, or even just for music, you need the power backup of a battery. And it needs to be for a long period.

Lithium battery application Leisure Purposes
Lithium battery application Leisure Purposes

Lithium batteries are perfect for this purpose. They are light in weight, and incredibly efficient. When you’re gone on a long journey, you will come to appreciate the backup from a lithium battery.

12.  Medical Equipment

Last but not the least, medical equipment. Different medical appliances require a whole lot of power to properly operate. You also want the power supply unit to be long lasting. That way you don’t have to wait at all for repairs. The battery units are easy to replace which is always a nice thing to have.

Since lithium batteries come in small shapes and sizes, medical equipment is designed with that in mind. They can take up less space, be less invasive and deliver the same level of performance.

Lithium battery application Medical Equipment
Lithium battery application Medical Equipment


Lithium batteries are durable, reusable and safe. They also last longer which is why they are now part of our day to day life. If you need lithium batteries for yourself, you can check out different battery companies in Australia. We also have an article on that if you want to check it out.


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