48V 3.6kWh Graphene Super Capacitor Battery Module Made of graphene supercapacitor.Perfect option for house solar energy storage system and telecommunications. Long life,stable and rarely maintenance bring much benefit to the end user,smart manage system.

Part Number TPK-48V3600-E
Energy storage 3.6KWh
Nominal Voltage 48V/DC
Maximum Charge Voltage 58V/DC
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 37.8V/DC
ESR/AC @1KHz 50% SOC <15mΩ
Max. Continuous Charge Current 100A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Power/Energy 1.38
Cooling Method Natural
Cells Self-discharge Rate 2% per month
Projected Life ( 25℃) 15 years
Recommended Depth of Discharge ≤90%
Maximum Depth of Discharge 100%
Shell Material Metal & ABS plastic
Monitoring Data SOC,voltage,current, temperature
Series Connection Not allowed
Parallel Connection Up to 10sets
Series-Parallel Connection Not allowed
Weight 42Kg
Dimensions(WxDxH) 475x465x177(mm)
Mount Options On floor

One Stop Battery Pack Solution

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