• Graphene Super capacitor battery


Part Number——TPK-48V4500-E

Nominal Voltage——51.2V/DC

Maximum Charge Voltage——57.6V/DC

Discharge Cut-off Voltage——44.8V/DC

Max. Continuous Charge Current——50A

Max. Continuous Discharge Current——50A

Energy storage——4.5kWh



Peak Current 208A
Cooling Method Natural
Cells Self-discharge Rate 2% per month
Projected Cycle Life ( 25℃) 20,000 times
Recommended Depth of Discharge ≤90%
Maximum Depth of Discharge 100%
Shell Material Metal & ABS plastic
Monitoring Data SOC,voltage,current, temperature
Series Connection Not allowed
Parallel Connection Up to 10sets
Series-Parallel Connection Not allowed
Weight 72Kg
Dimensions(WxDxH) 475x685x177(mm)
Mount Options On floor

TPK-48V4500-E design drawing

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