• TKP V2 48V LFP Powerwall -1
  • TKP V2 48V LFP Powerwall -2
  • TKP V2 48V LFP Powerwall -3

TPKV2 Powerwall 6KWH 9KWH 13KWH

  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
  • 6kwh 9kwh 13kwh High power optional
  • 12000 Cycles with 5 Years Warranty
  • 31 mAh LFP Pouch Cell Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Fast Charging and Discharge
  • Suitable also for the low-temperature area
Model Type TPKV2-LFP6kwh TPKV2-LFP9kwh TPKV2-LFP13kwh
Nominal Voltage 51.2V 51.2V 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 120Ah  (25℃,±5%) 180Ah  (25℃,±5%) 270Ah  (25℃,±5%)
Nominal Energy 6.144kwh 9.22kwh 13.82kwh
Full Charging Time 2h
Discharging Current 100A
Operating Temp(charging) 0~55℃
Operating Temp(discharging) -20~65℃
Storage Temperature -20~40℃
Storage Humidity 25%~95%RH
Cycle Llife 4000 times(80%EOL)
Ingress Protection IP54
Charging Cut Off  Voltage 54V
Discharging Cut Off Voltage 39V
Short Circuit Protection Current 800A
Upper Protect Temp 65℃
Low Protect Ttemp 0℃
LCD/Dash Board Optional
Heating Function Optional
CAN Bus Optional
RS485 Optional
GPRS/GPS/Cloud Optional
Bluetooth/WIFI Optional
Product Dimension Weight
LFP Cell 6KWH 9kwh 13kwh
Dimension 550*730*118mm 800*730*118mm 1040*730*118mm
Weight 50Kg 100Kg 130Kg

thinpack V2 Powerwall

TKPV2 Porwellwall design 1 TKPV2 Porwellwall design 2

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