Turnkey Installation

Engineering Capability

Thinpack is a professional manufacturer that works with expert engineers. We offer top-quality services for analytic engineering projects and specifying assistance. Along with our certified engineers and trade contractors, we can install important network power systems.

Moreover, we are responsible for providing you with turnkey solutions, including the following:

  • Concept, installation, and removal system solution
  • AC & DC furnishing
  • Custom installation, according to requests
engineering capability

Auditing Power Efficiency

Auditing power efficiency gives a non-invasive evaluation of the power supply. This operation offers a snapshot systematic assessment. It checks the essential power system feature, auditing their reliability and accessibility. 

Custom auditing power qualities are available to suit your site requirements. However, it offers:

  • Repair or updating recommendations
  • Circuit protection
  • OEM specification variation
  • Scalability tolerance
  • Maintenance
  • Available filling up parts
  • and more

Plan-Build Assistance

Thinpack completed the battery concept through the Facility Concept Study blueprint. It achieves stable projects. All needed specific resources are expanded to execute battery and features. 

We can be your cost-effective battery installation solution. With the knowledge of our expert technicians, trades, and local specialists, it is expected to fulfill professional services and modern installation processes.

FCS (Facility Concept Study)

Thinpack provides systematic format details according to your budgetary demand procedure. We have the capability of assessing your strength, loads, and growth plans. That helps ensure that your operating system offers essential service. 

Our team produces essential power accessibility and consistency according to your extraordinary business needs. We are also responsible for providing data evaluation and details that include, material bills, planned schedule, expected budget, and milestones.

Removal & Reinstallation Services

Excellent protection is provided during the removal and reinstallation operation. You can trust Thinpack for rigging and moving tactful electronic batteries or IT. Our all-important operation will perform the following:

  • Cleaning up site
  • Assessing current working parameters
  • Ideally recycling and disposing of fuels and components as needed
  • Preparing physical installation 
  • Installing a device in a new place
  • Packaging and rigging equipment for a new building
  • and more

Maintenance Services

Peer Review is the solution that Thinpack can provide. It serves as an assessment to assure the accepted maintenance and assistance. We can examine your service reports’ entireness and worth. Also, our experts inspect devices for process, evaluation, and calibration verification. 

One Stop Battery Pack Solution

Thinpack provides one-stop automated guided vehicle battery charging solution based on your specific needs.
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