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The UPS batteries are battery support that offers backup powers when failures and voltage drop occurs. They secure and organize the shutting down of attached equipment, like computers. Moreover, these batteries come with various designs and sizes that provide different supplied power capacities. 

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Thinpack is an expert Uninterruptible Power Supply batteries manufacturer based in China. We work with an experienced team that guides you from selecting the suitable ones to delivery and installation. You can guarantee well-programmed UPS with high-quality batteries.

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28AH UPS Battery
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Standard Components

The following are important components that work together to produce DC electrical power.

  • Grid
  • Cathode
  • Anode
  • Separator
  • Electrolyte
  • Valve
  • Jar

Typical Variation of UPS Batteries


The lead-acid batteries used for UPS come with a monitor record that achieves stability. It is the most cost-effective solution for extensive power usage. The battery’s economical benefit includes increased tolerance and less internal impedance.


The nickel-cadmium type of battery is perfect for telecom installation applications. However, it is also suitable for UPS application that comes with extreme ambient temperature.


Li-ion has high stability than typical batteries. It has attached monitor and management systems that inspect each cell for operation changes. 

UPS Battery’s Offered Warranty

The UPS battery includes terms and warranty services. It guarantees the quality and performance of the UPS. However, it does not compensate for typical causes. Such as when performance quality declines due to usage or aging.

Additionally, only warranties are valid upon professional startup on regular maintenance required. Service records on the annual maintenance are necessary before inquiring about warranty claims. Therefore, relying solely on the warranty to protect UPS batteries is insufficient. 


What Influences UPS Battery Life?

Other than considering the battery types, there are particular aspects to point out.

Maintenance, temperature, humidity, storage, and charging cycles are common factors that significantly impact an RV battery’s lifespan.

How Effective is a UPS battery?

UPS battery serves an essential function. It acts as a stopgap between the backup and primary power supply. 

This battery intents to resolve the sudden power loss issue. UPS provides an instant power boost to the system. When the backup system becomes operational, it transfers complete control. 

Can UPS Battery Supply Power?

No. UPS battery can only sustain for a few minutes. The battery’s main function is only to provide immediate power recovery. 

Therefore, equipping full-scale system backup is needed before utilizing a UPS battery. 

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