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The wheelchair batteries give energy supplies for electric wheelchairs. As the power battery functions, it provides passenger’s convenience to go everywhere with controls. The wheelchair will operate as their installed batteries are active. 

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Thinpack is your one-stop wheelchair battery provider. We offer a comprehensive range of sizes, voltages, and strengths to suit every particular need. 

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Features of Wheelchair Batteries

Battery Chargers

The wheelchairs’ batteries should always have their original chargers. It is important to use only their original chargers since the required charging voltage varies for each device.

They always come with charging lights that define charging operation when it’s low battery. The wheelchair’s battery also has automatic charging and cuts off the power supply when it gets full. 

Battery Warranty

Thinpack typically offers about a 6-month wheelchair battery warranty. However, the warranty time depends on particular battery types and features. 

Battery Capacity

Since the battery capacity is limited, it needs monthly charging to make the batteries operate. They should also be stored in a cooler and dry area.

Wheelchair Battery Types

  • Lithium-ion 

Lithium-ion is considered the most advanced type of battery. In addition to being rechargeable, this battery properly functions when attached and detached. 

  • Non-Spillable Wet

Non-Spillable has excellent casing and is non-spillable. This function enables the battery to withstand pressure and endure vibration. With that, the battery’s protection is guaranteed. 

  • Spillable Wet 

A spillable wet battery requires delicate maintenance. This battery may be upon overuse, prolonged vibration, and overcharging. For safekeeping, it includes a manual.

  • Gel

Gel batteries have slow discharge rates after extended periods of inactivity. This feature enabled the battery to be wheelchair-compatible. Additionally, the gel battery is easy to maintain.

Maintaining Instruction 

Wheelchair batteries don’t need to be maintained. However, it’s still important to keep them in good condition. That ensures the battery will operate at its best. 

There’s no need for a complicated procedure to maintain the battery. 

The most basic yet necessary guidelines for wheelchair battery maintenance are listed below.

Recharge the battery regularly. It is still necessary to charge the battery, preferably at night, even if not fully used. And must be fully charged before using again. However, if used occasionally, it is advisable to charge them once a week.

Examine the battery’s terminal condition. In certain instances, the battery’s terminals rusted out. They must be cleaned with a wire brush and given petroleum jelly to prevent them from building again. 


The Wheelchair Batteries Come with What Voltage?

The batteries of automatic wheelchairs typically have about 12 voltages. However, some wheelchair power systems possess 24 voltages. Meaning, to effectively operate the electric wheelchair, two 12 volts of batteries are required.

What is the Actual Lifespan of Wheelchair Batteries?

With about eight hours of full charge usage, the batteries usually last one to two years. 

However, the battery’s time service will always depend on different factors, including:

  • Transporting weight every day
  • Frequently use of batteries
  • Way of charging the batteries

Is It Safe to Overcharge the Batteries of Wheelchairs?

Overcharging and undercharging the batteries for wheelchairs are not safe. That’s why it is recommended to check every charging procedure, ensuring the exact amount of power.

To find a safer option, an automatic charger is perfect. It detects the proper capacity amount and automatically switches off the fully charged battery. 

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