Wind Power Batteries

The wind turbine’s operation is kept within a predetermined, safe range using this type of battery. When the battery is full, ThinPack batteries will no longer charge because they are constructed with the proper parts such as BMS. The built-in BMS controls the battery cells’ temperature and turns them off whenever it notices harmful conditions.

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At ThinPack, we manufacture a complete range of reliable and long-lasting wind power batteries. Whether you need an AGM battery, lithium-ion, or gel, with 2V, 6V, or 12V capacity, you can guarantee we have the accurate battery solution for your requirements.

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230Ah Wind Power Battery
230Ah Wind Power Battery
100Ah Wind Power Battery
100Ah Wind Power Battery
80Ah Wind Power Battery
80Ah Wind Power Battery
110Ah Wind Power Battery
110Ah Wind Power Battery
20Ah Wind Power Battery
20Ah Wind Power Battery
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Wind Power Battery Types


Lead acid batteries are a type of deep-cycle battery. They are manufactured from lead plates contained in a sulfuric acid solution. Thus, allowing for the chemical reaction to store energy.    


To produce a chemical reaction, lithium-ion batteries use lithium salt. This battery is safer, lighter, and more efficient than lead acid batteries. It has low maintenance, thus providing overall cost savings.

Due to its advantages compared to lead-acid batteries, most of engineers recommend this type of battery for wind power applications.

  • Rechargeable battery option
  • High energy density
  • Produce in larger sizes to store more energy.
  • No upkeep is required to maintain excellent performance.
  • Integrated battery management system (BMS)
  • Don’t include the same hazardous substances

How To Select the Proper Wind Power Battery?

When choosing the right wind power battery, you need to consider some of the following features:

Capacity – Depending on the efficiency and size of the wind turbine, wind power batteries need to have the capability to store a lot of energy.

Voltage – In order to handle more energy input and higher energy supply, the battery bank needs to have a high voltage.

Work reliably – Batteries for wind turbines must operate efficiently for extended periods of time without routine maintenance.

Why Choose ThinPack Wind Power Battery?

High-Quality Assurance – From designing, mass production, testing, and delivery. ThinPack provides strict quality control and inspection in every stage of production. All batteries have compliance with various certifications such as CE, RoHS, UN, IEC, UL, REACH, etc.

Reliable Service Assurance – Our company provides OEM and ODM with low MOQ.

Professional Provider– ThinPack has extensive experience and knowledge in the unique R&D, designing, and production of all types of batteries. We are an ISO9001-certified company in China.

Direct factory price – You can guarantee cost-effective wind power batteries from us.


How big is a battery for wind power?

Wind power can produce energy at any time of day or night. That’s why its battery bank is bigger than solar battery packs.

How long will the battery last?

The lead-acid battery normally has 2-5 year lifespan while the lithium-ion battery lasts for 10+ years.

Do you provide custom batteries for wind power?

Yes, of course. You can provide the battery’s cell shape, dimensions, capacity, voltage, etc. We will communicate and work closely with you to create your unique battery.

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